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On 2/26/2021 at 10:48 AM, NitroGAM3R said:

if Everything in ark was real, what would you do, where would you spawn?

If this was a real life scenario....for the real.....Id probably stick to the caves. The hunter cave would be possible, however as real life problems emerge from the little things. {insects, micro organism's, and the likes} the first thing I would be doing is getting the ability to create a distillery as a major priority. For clean water AND alcohol for cuts. While Im unsure if I would abuse said product, I certainly understand and accept the need for a strong antiseptic.

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Just now, wizard03 said:

I would be torn to be honest on that part......either argentavis or thylo......I love them both in the game

but Id guarantee one of them would kill me if for real

I’m a pretty good shot, and I can run fast, and I’d pump my levels into speed, but I’d fall of a 6ft cliff and break my leg somehow and get consumed. Referring to Argy.

Also, I wouldn’t enter the redwoods or swamp, I’m rafting around, or taming a peligornis.

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8 hours ago, Dinobros2000 said:

Like who cares if u can respawn, I DONT wanna have a snake squeeze me to death, or a tiger thing slam me from a tree. That alone would likely kill me.

Been playing this game for years and snakes are the one thing that still make my skin crawl when I encounter them.

I like snakes too. Theyre cool. Just creepy af

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10 hours ago, thedrongoofark said:

I'd hate being that high I'd just die of shock when I'm like 500 meters above ground on a bird that's easily skinny enough for me to fall off of

Well I’ve got a saddle UK, and since no real rules were put into this, I am going to combine they exact element I want of real life and Ark that I want. So the facts that this pteranodon that weights 50lbs due to its hollow bones and evolution, can hold me, and all my stuff and the fact that I weight noting to other creatures, and that fact that it is easy to fall off things like birds with jet packs on them, just don’t exsist. So, perfectly safe, also, I’d build a harness on my saddle. 

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