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If you're playing singleplayer or on an dedicated/unofficial server, there are a number of mods in the Workshop that let you grow your own cactus.

The full version of the Structures Plus mod (and its derivatives) also includes a modded Industrial Grinder, which lets you convert certain basic resources into ones otherwise unavailable on The Island. In particular, you can convert sap from the Redwoods into Cactus Sap directly.

Playing on Official, though, you're out of luck, and will have to hop to other maps to gather cactus sap yourself.

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Ok thanks, this is a shame as I have all other ingredients for a cacti broth and that is a great thing to consume, as on the island you can cross the whole map in 30mins without being killed, so if you made three broths you could probably get across as it reduces how noticeable you are by 50% for wild creatures so it would be great. Oh well, I will have to wait until I can ride my pteranodon at lvl 38

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