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Wildcard, please give me my stuff back from my botched Rockwell fight.

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Recently, during the first day of the Love Evolved 2 event, I fought Rockwell for the XP since it was a 3x event. However, when I went into the fight (I'm also on official servers) each tentacle had multiplied by three, so there were three tentacles in each spot, and each one had to be taken out for Rockwell himself to take damage, but however, two of three tentacles in each spot were invincible to damage. And because of this, I couldn't damage Rockwell, meaning I had to die and lose everything. I've submitted a ticket to Wildcard, however just an automated response saying the ticket was closed and they couldn't verify this. I have literal evidence of this. I lost everything I had because of this fight. Multiple Rock Drakes hatched from level 190 eggs, a reaper and a few boss rexes as well as my good shotgun at 244.4% damage. I lost everything because of this glitch Wildcard, just please give me my stuff back, I spent a lot of my life getting this stuff. And now its gone, all because you guys neglect to fix your broken game. Not to mention as well I lost my mana and a couple velonsaurs in cryopods when I transferred off of an extinction server three  months ago, and you still haven't responded. Fix your game. At this point Oblivion feels more stable than this game.




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Sorry for your loss, and I understand you are venting here but fyi your not getting your stuff back. The closest you could get was random wild tamed versions of your dinos spawned in for you. I have lost everything from glitches multiple times so I have experience with trying to get wildcard to replace stuff and just so you know they wont respond nor read these posts. The best bet is with a ticket unfortunately.

But also I gotta say those screen shots you got there have got to be the worst smallest pics ever. Even savings them and zooming in as far as I can I cant make out whats going on really so your evidence is kinda bad. I gotta do rockwell again sometime soon so I guess I just hope this doesnt happen to me next time lol.

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