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I've been an admin for various Prim+ servers for almost a year now. And it never fails that some problem arises as soon as cryopods are introduced. Servers with no cryopods function perfectly fine, but if a cryo is introduced, it begins corrupting server files. The more often a crypod is used, the faster the files are corrupted and saves are lost. I know that many people have similar stories, whether it be tames glitching through the world, being deleted, or random saves being lost not to mention whole servers. However I don't have any direct proof to back this assertion up other than player input and anecdotal evidence. Has anyone done research into this phenomena, or have had similar experiences to mine? From a server owner standpoint, I think that some experimenting should definitely be done on this topic because it's not uncommon to integrate cryopods and other assorted Survival Evolved items into Prim+ worlds, like teleporters, flippers, oxygen tanks, etc. etc.. Because this is the case, it would be best to have solid proof that these are the direct causes. 

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