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Xbox Island Servers soooo quiet

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1 hour ago, Charlie12345 said:

Thanks for the reply Piffguru.  Thats good to hear!  Just really intrigued now.  Maybe it is just because the island has been around so long?

Well first im not sure what you consider quiet, I generally see servers that are not brand new maps have around 5-20 people on them with around 10 being the average. new maps will be maxed out for the first 3 weeks or so then start dwindling until the numbers are similar to the older maps. So you may be saying its quiet with only 10 people being online where as I would say thats just the norm now.

Other thing to remember is there are many maps now, and unless you are brand new or playing pvp or you just have a real love for the island, then there are more fun and interesting maps to be on. So, much of the pve population isnt going to be on the island generally.

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10 hours ago, Charlie12345 said:

Played last night for a few minutes after nearly a year off.  Noticed the Xbox Island Servers are very quiet.  Anyone know the main reason for this?  Dont want to invest hours this evening to then find the servers are being shut down in a week 😉

Dayz had all its servers wiped yesterday? Not sure really

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I play on xbox Island official PvE server, mostly get between 15 to 40 people online at one time. 

Most problems occur when there is 30+ people connected, host timeout loops on log in and big lag spikes.

But of course this depends on what time zone you are in and whether you play on servers linked to the same time zone you are in.


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