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Looking for a tribe/tribemates on a server with boosted rates


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Yo! I'm looking for a some tribemates to play with on PC. I'm easygoing and I dont really care what kind of server we play on. Pvp or Pve, boosted a ton, or not so much, doesn't matter to me. I have about 4000 hours between PS4 and PC, and I've recently been playing on Primal Fear, and some other super modded servers. Just looking for a few people to share all the fun with! I'm a pretty good PVP player and I know the ins and outs of ARK, and can tame, farm, breed, and build. I'm also on pretty often, even on the days I work, usually at least a couple hours. I have a few survivors on servers with 5x rates, 25x, and 50x. But like I said, I'm down for anything. My Discord ID is Balakay#4830 so hit me up! 

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