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Dungeon crates timeout / spoil after 5 min ???

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for farming the dungeon crate extensively (elemental vault is the best BY FAR, and in all abb), the moment you enter the cave, they start despawning

(im even suspecting even befor you reach the cave sometime), you need to know exactly where all the crate can spawn

(take practice, but with time youll nail it im sure ;))

and at the moment you enter that cave, you RUSH towards the crate, ignore everythign else !

because yes if you stop to fight anything for more than 1~2 min you may loose the crate

but in short yes dungeon crate despawn way faster than normal beacon, and no its not a bug its made on purpose because drops from these are just OMG !

here an exemple i got few days ago



a friend made with a crafter that BP and got that



with that im sure you'll understand why they despawn so fast ;)

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On 2/14/2021 at 3:29 PM, TakeItEasy said:

Are anyone facing this problem ? Its very annoying to see a crate in a cave, and before you reach it it diapers, its happening a lot on all servers I tried.

There are any server configuration to remove this timeout / spoil ?

The cave I must see this happening is the glowtail cave, but I guess its happening on all caves.

I found lapping the caves (talking about elemental vault) not worth it at all. Sure the loot is great, but you will find good blueprints (asc rock drake saddle bps, etc.) on the surface as well. It's best combined with the xmas event and collecting santa gifts. The glowtail cave does not have great loot at all. As far as I'm aware, the caves on ab only have one drop active at a time, and those are on a 5 minute timer. It's really hit or miss. The southwest surface has a ton of drops simultaniously which are easy to round up with a drake in camo (reapers don't aggro on a drake in carmouflage). You have great visibility from the high ground in the middle of it. The northwest surface is too small and not worth it in my experience (too little drops simultaniously active). Happy grinding :)

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