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mosa Whats best stats to put on a Mosa? and are they any good against Alphas ?

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i mostly use basa's and i just started with Mosasaurus that be given 1 off a friend to see if i like using, but i have no idea where to put the stats in yet as it already seams good :) and if so i will have to go try tame me some of these. use the dunks a little but anything electrics causes so much chaos so tend to keep with bassa.

current stats are

25k HP
2k Stam
2k w


cheers for any advice :)

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I always like the mosa as a big tough body guard that sometimes needs help with the tiny pain in the butts.....electrics will hassle mosa, so best not to ride him, but if you have him follow you while you clean out alphas, he is kinda like an underwater rex......lotsa health, lotsa power, can go toe to toe with some of the bigger uglies.

Because of this, try to treat him just like a t rex. Lots of extra points in health and a few into melee, and boom. Basil body guard. 

Also, if you want to mass produce prime meat, add a platform saddle and a industrial cooker, then go kill plesisaurs. You will fill a fridge in a single run around the island. However unless you get a stupid lucky drop, the platform saddle blueprints don't give good protection compared to the BP saddles you get.

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