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What kind of tip do you want exactly? It's just about having the ones that produce resources you aren't easily able to obtain. I like having the different gem colours since I don't like farming those, a sap gacha for the greenhouse and the obvious dust / black pearl ones for anything tek related or being able to craft element on a new server/not having to constantly farm bosses. Having poly gachas is also great since you can keep the crystal and effectively have infinite spoilage organic poly at the ready.

Best thing to do is just do stuff in their general render area and check on them every 14m or so. If I really need to farm dust but also happen to be away from base I'll just ask a tribemate to turn his game on and stay in a pod next to them but obviously it requires a friend willing to do that (or an alt and a second pc).

I assume you already know their "best" food is seeds as well, but in case you didn't know then yeah iguanodon is your best friend when it comes to gachas.

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1 hour ago, Gooberino said:

afaik the items you feed it don't really matter (I can attest to that when it comes to resources, not sure if you want actual loot) and since seeds are so easy to get slotcaps of, most people use this as food for gachas.

I use fiber. Easier to farm tons of and can still slot cap a Gacha. 

For OP; If you are after just resources, level crafting skill to around 165%. That gives most resource crystals the full amount with pellets. 

100 stone foundations is a cheap but fast way to tame them with good tame efficiency.

Stone arrows will produce crystals at a faster rate in my experience. 

I usually farm them while hand feeding babies. If you do that, it'll make both go faster. 

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19 hours ago, Blackmagic9000 said:

I never knew! I was told raw metal is the way to go for them

Ok so I was curious about that and I did some testing. Turns out gachas produce crystals a little under 2x faster when eating raw metal, so if you have easy access to a lot of raw metal it might in fact be better. I will personally keep using seeds as you can get a slotcap way faster than you could ever hope to get a slotcap of raw metal, also you don't have to "popcorn" the seeds to the gacha unlike what you have to do with raw metal. But on a server with boosted rates/if you're in a hurry or for example in an ab server raw metal might in fact be the better option.

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