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Hello fellow survivors! I have noticed that my players are not able to craft any dino candies anymore. I have different events on each of my cluster's maps and no one has been able to craft any dino candies. So I decided to put them in the drops, thinking that would be another way to get them and also is a good reward as you can increase your dinos movement speed with them. Unfortunately, they are not showing up in drops at all either! I do remember last year there was an issue with custom holiday events and we were not able to activate them so I am wondering if maybe they took the candies out of the custom holiday events. Anyone else know anything about this? I would really love to be able to provide these for my community when official events are not active. Thank you for your time and any feedback is appreciated!


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On 2/8/2021 at 4:57 PM, Luewen said:

Some event items are only available when the event is running on officials. Most of the times item details are removed on updates ending the event thus they cant be spawned or made anymore.

That makes sense. Drives me mad though! We get comfortable then Wild Card is like, lets take that away because we messed up somewhere else. I swear we used to be able to craft them outside of the official event times. I do remember last year the custom holiday  evnts were disabled entirely. I made a stink about that lol. They ended up letting us have the events back for custom servers though idk if my complaints had anything to do with it. I imagine not. Anyway, thank you for the response and if your looking for a chill server to play on with no hand outs, let me know. Cheers!

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