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Griffin just flew off and didn't come back - Glitch?

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Hey there, 

So i recently tamed a level 130 Griffin on official PVP on crystal isles on standard rates. It was a challenge but i achieved it so that was cool.....

....Then i decide to take that bad boi out for a test run.........it was going well.......then i landed on one of those islands in the sky....surrounding by nothing but the beautiful scenery....no enemies.....it was quiet....


it started doing this weird take off thing as i dismounted and  it left me with an option to 'ride as passenger' (which did not work).

Anyways....i landed it....and went to set the behaviour settings to 'attack my target only' (as well, you know, it's PVP)...........anyways.....


....As soon as i did this, the griffin just flew off into the distance....i whistled follow and it just kept on going............


......it was at that point i realised it was just me....on a island in the sky......with no where to go as it was a new map and server for me.....hahaha.....


....I tired to find it.....no where to be seen.....


....Any tips on how to get it back and how to prevent this 4 limbed winged idiot from flying off ?


This sounds like a noob thing....but im level 100+ and have flown tonnes of flyers...but never a griffin.....



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I've never seen a Griffin do that (and I've tamed a few on CI and Ragnarok). There is something odd about flyers on CI sometimes though.

When we were learning how to tame Tropeos, we had some unsuccessful efforts at first. After those attempts, we'd go back to our base. Each time, 5-10 minutes later, the Tropeo we'd been trying to tame would arrive at our base (halfway across the map!), intent on killing one of us. Our base defences always took it out, but I've never seen a dino travel that far with everybody long out of render to pursue its target.

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