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Hello there!

I'm fairly new in Ark, around 400 hours of gameplay, and all of my journey was a solitary one. I've tried to play on unofficial servers but always found myself in a version of the game either too unbalanced for a vanillaish experience or with childish behavior players, when not both. To remedy that I did some research and decided to build my own server with a secondary PC that I use on my work/daily rotine. After some preliminary tests I believe everything is working, I think!

Now let's talk about the detail of my plan: With my current set I believe I can run 2 to 3 concomitant servers, I can create more, they just won't be able to run at the same time. My plan is to have a small group, around 5 people, to help me choose the best option of stats and mods to build a vanilla like world with QoL improviments. My schedule is a little bit tight and I may only be able to play on the late hours of the day (I live on a -3 GMT timezone), but we can discuss the online period of the servers.

So, If your are 25+years old, have a busy time on work/study, want to chill on an almost vanilla like experience, with less grinding but still close to the original, and most importantly, want to choose how the world will be set, this is the place for you!

Just add me on Steam (163307529) and we can talk more about it.

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