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Windows 10 Play Anywhere Edition


How about giving this version an update so that it looks and feels like the OneX/SeriesX version or the Steam version.    This version we have has received no love it is all about the Steam and Series X not those of us that have a PC capable of running the game better than the Series X plus we still have that rendering bug where if we go to far from where we started absolutely nothing renders except for dinos.

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Personally, I would prefer that Ark 2 go forward with eliminating the use of the Windows10 edition and instead allow crossplay between steam and Xbox as Atlas has done. It would be one less edition to worry about maintaining.

And while I once hoped for the same with Ark 1, to many use it and have purchased for that reason so making that change now may not be productive. 

That all aside, your idea has merit. There are enough that play crossplay that it makes sense to maintain the Window10 edition and keep it up to standard. 

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