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3 hours ago, fulardo said:

I was returning from ragnarok to the island using a pillar to teleport my characters and when I enter the island I no longer belong to the tribe, and I am the administrator of the tribe. can anybody help me? I play on an official legacy server.104096620_WhatsAppImage2021-02-02at1_08_52AM.thumb.jpeg.ca75bd2ead67600e2e90facf66fe793e.jpeg

Were you the ONLY admin? It seems weird that it would be recorded in the log if it was a glitch.

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25 minutes ago, fulardo said:

Well, it's a shame, I think I won't play ark anymore :(

If that can make you feel better; you likely been kicked out of your tribe due to your character being restored by the recent backup system they implemented (which seems to currently count as an overwrite like if you created a new character which would have kicked you out). Anyhow, you could simply take that opportunity to re-build somewhere else (for example, the supported cluster so you can get assistance in the future, or even better, an active unofficial community where you will certainly keep your sanity longer 🙃).

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