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So for stats i got about 300 hours total spread about 50/50 over PS4 and PC, have a high end PC can run very smoothly at high graphics, so no performance issues on hardware level. 

I last played in a pretty big tribe a couple years ago and want to get back into it, i mainly like exploring as the landscapes and designs are beautiful, I never was great at PVP and and battling but i would like to learn. For rest i'm happy to help out with any collecting and such that needs doing. 

My name is Shane, shocking, right? with this username. I'm 23 if that matters too lol. 
I'm a social dude, get on with everyone, have a good laugh and always open for a chat. 

See you in the ARK? 


Feel free to add me on Discord and contact me regarding ARK at Shane#1041

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