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I've been searching around for a while, and haven't found a definitive answer on this.


I've been on a server before (rented through I believe Nitrado?) where they had an infinite upload limit when it came to items.  You could upload items to your heart's content via a terminal, drop, or transmitter.  I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it though on my cluster.  We can rule out mods because S+ was the only one.


Unfortunately, I'm not in contact with anyone from that server or else I could just ask them how they were able to perform this sorcery, so any insight from the community would be extremely helpful.

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You can't do "infinite" uploads because of a long outstanding bug with the upload system where after a certain number of items/creatures it corrupts the cluster file for that user and you lose everything (unless they happen to have fixed that since I experimented with it).


You CAN increase both the item numbers and the time allowed to keep items stored. I run my cluster with the maximum safe numbers of items/creatures and a year long timeout on both.

Add the below code to your startup command on each server and this will give you a limit of 150 items/stacks and 250 dinos storage in the cluster file for a year (adjust each part accordingly for your own preference). You can go one or two higher on each, but going much higher will result in corrupted cluster files, I would not recoomend that (again, unless they've fixed it, by all means experiment with it but don't do it with live data just incase).



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