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I've noticed while playing on aberration that megalosaurs without riders spend a ton of time trying to grab things around them. While this is fine if the target can be grabbed (because the grab is really strong), it makes the dps of the creature awful against ungrabbable targets and near useless against bosses. I would recommend at minimum a choice on the radial wheel to add the grab as an "AI special attack" like basilisk spit, etc. Alternatively you could update megalosaurus AI to not grab large targets but it may be an easier fix to make it toggleable for tamed megalosaurus.

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This is something i've brought up quite a bit lately as Megalosaurus shouldn't constantly try to grab something that is clearly too big for it. It makes levelling their melee stat a complete waste if unridden.

I've sent quite a few tweets and shared ones such as this to get some attention from @complexminded @Jatheish & @Dollie in the hope it gets fixed.


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6 hours ago, GP said:

I tested out some distance theories and have confirmed for myself that they only use their main attack when you are far away from the fight, which is ridiculous.


Is there a better way to get this information to the devs so it gets looked at? I thought this forum is it but maybe I'm mistaken? Seems like a really good candidate for a TLC either way.

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