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Community Crunch 251: Last Week In ARK and More!


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Last Week In ARK

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch survivors.  In the past, the community has expressed an interest in analytics so we'd like to pilot a new segment called "Last Week In ARK" that highlights general analytics and statistics we collect on the back-end.

Consider this a sample of things we might be able to provide if there is community interest.  What types of things are you interested in seeing?  Are there particular metrics that interest you more?  Sound off and let us know!  

Last Week In ARK (1).png


EVO Event


There will be no EVO event this week

Community Fan Art


Cnidaria Ark Encounter by fernsylhouette



Would You Like To Cut It by sis_6193


Desert Base by nonoARK


House by the Dock by sam_stim


Gasbags (Discord) by NISIS#1565



Wishing you a stress-free weekend.  Catch you next week!
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In the past, the community has expressed an interest in analytics so we'd like to pilot a new segment called "Last Week In ARK" that highlights general analytics and statistics we collect on the back-end.



What types of things are you interested in seeing?  Are there particular metrics that interest you more?

On the serious side : how many tickets solved ? How much downtime on officials ? How many hours played (all players combined) ?
On the fun side : how many deaths overall ? How many survivors killed themselves (Darwin award of the week) ? How many C4 exploded ? How many creatures tamed ? How many creatures born/hatched ? (and what creature had more babies this week ?) Can you even see how many walls were built ? 
I think it'd even be fun to compare week after week, especially metrics that'll be comparable with Genesis2 (so, you know better than us if dilo deaths will be a metric or not for instance).
Also : do those numbers include SP people or just officials ?

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No evo + a really dry cc.  Sprinkle a little more disappointment on top with no news on the vday event, gen 2, and the fear that WC is going to stop caring about their first game after gen 2 is released to focus all attention on Ark 2 and their animated series and you may have one less customer.  But who cares!  I like the gasbag art though

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I hate it when some smart dev returns with a smart comment about how great ark is while totally ignoring the actual comment, I've seen an entire server clean out and then refill with new people, then you start to see them complain about the same old thing.

Yes new people will join but they will soon leave when they start losing time spent on disappearing Dino's, rollbacks and servers disappearing, oh and the frustration of trying to be heard by sending in a ticket and receiving little or no assistance.

You have asked what we would like to see, I would be interested in seeing (out of curiosity) tickets received vs tickets closed, total servers offline (per week) total server downtime (hours), put your money where your mouth is and show us some real info

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I understand people are upset about there not being an Evo event, but I think the "Last Week in ARK" thing is a nice idea. It adds something fun to the Community Crunches to look at when there isn't any information about Genesis, events, etc.

However, I'm assuming that Last Week in ARK would be added into the Community Crunch, and I feel like it would be better if it was it's own thing. Keep the crunches for when there's an announcement or Evo event, and whenever there isn't some kind of announcement, post the stats for the past week. That way there'd still be something to look forward to each week, and people can know what to expect by reading the title.

As for stats, I think it'd be cool to see what creature was tamed the most, what creatures were bred the most/how many eggs were hatched (as others have said), and maybe how many boss fights were activated or what boss was fought the most.

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Now that I've thought more about it, a weekly rotation of which statistic categories are shown would be good, to keep the stats interesting, or, more importantly, to keep them from getting repetitive. I apologize for the obnoxious formatting, I got carried away playing with formats ...

Some more stat ideas are:

  • Dodos tamed vs. Gigas tamed
  • Most popular hour of the day to play ark (personally I would prefer it in PST, but idk which time zone ARK is most popular in)
  • Trees felled
  • Bushes whacked
  • Narcoberries / Narcotics consumed by players
  • Servers Launched
  • Characters Made
  • Tools / Items broken
  • Structures destroyed
  • The 3-5 most popular ways of dying
  • ARK discord messages censored
  • Purchases made of the game
  • Lines of code changed by devs / any categories finished by devs
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I will only say that the only thing that i care a lot its the people that constantly uses DDOS to dupe stuff and WC doesnt do anything about it, bc cheaters will constantly make another app to dupe stuff... so, why care? But, since i know that there are users that uses DDOS to dupe stuff im taking a very long look about pings that are over 200 to almost 300. That is a DDOS program working on. So, just wanna know on statics: How many people are using DDOS to dupe stuff and crashing servers that actually were playable some time ago? And How many issues have the game comparing with how many fixes had been made?... I will think in other statics that will catch my attention, soon.

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LOVE this artwork. The spino is my favorite. I'm good you aren't doing evolution events constantly since the two times thing. I'm happy with this game. I REALLY love seeing those statistics. 

It DEFINITELY reflects my deaths.... Had a pirhana kill a giga in a bubble on crystal isles. Lol I wasn't being very wise.

I honestly live the work you guys are doing and would happily take a job going through all the social media and blocking the destructive toxic critics.

It's one thing to share bugs and issues and requests but WC fans are downright abusive to the point I feel like it causes you guys the bed for therapy.

Remember you true fans love in silence, and those who complain are either secretly obsessed with your work(otherwise why do they care?) It just no life trolls.

Keep on going wc 🥰

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