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Is there any way we could get an increased material return for demo'ing, untill the biome update? As things stand we're going to have to move and lose 50% of all materials that were used to build our base in oasis, or risk losing 100%. It feels unfair. 

Would it be possible to increase the resource return on demo'ing buildings to 100% untill the biome changes hit? That way we could move without losing literally tens of thousands of ingots & cp...

I hope you give it some consideration from our point of view, how many hours of farming resources to build our base will be lost just because we happened to build in oasis...

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11 hours ago, panteni87 said:

Please, come with an original argument. I'm getting really tired of the "it is early acces" argument. Think of something original. 
After playing the game 800 hours and countless bugs, corrupted save files, starting over a lot of times (unvolutary) i know what early acces is. And most people probably do. So please, come with a slightly more original way of saying that i don't know what this game is. Please.  
Although I must say, it is nice to get information from the official forum, instead of a gaming news outlet. 


Only 800 hours? I have 1600 hours clocked on both Steam and Xbox One. I know very well what this game is an what it is about, i also know that i signed a "contract" when i bought the game on both platforms, but the thing is, i did it to support the developer, not because i wanted to play a "demo", which this game is not in it's current state.


The argument is more than valid and there really isn't any other argument that can be given on the subject.


If you know what early access means, you know that changes WILL happen in the game that may or may not affect you and so on.


Deal with it.

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40 minutes ago, Bulborb87 said:

Oooo this worries me that when the hidden lake gets changed ill need to know it i'll have to move all my tames in there out in order to prevent them from getting deleted and if my base there is gone ill need to know if there will be a better place for me to build a new base

The hidden lake is no longer included in the extention as posted by Jeremy.

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I know it might be a bit of a spoiler, but would it be possible to show other areas that might be picked for an update?  I made my base on Weathertop, and I'm rather concerned that it's a prime target for the site of some ruins or some such (and would like to know so that I can move my base in advance and not keep developing it).


Would love to see some arches/flying buttresses added to construction!  I'd like to make great big ceilings with fewer pillars all over the place!

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On ‎5‎/‎7‎/‎2016 at 3:59 PM, Jen said:

Where are your dossiers at? I'd like to see them!

Heh, sure!




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37 minutes ago, Bulborb87 said:

ok thnx dude cause I was worried cause I have everything set up there

No problem. They say they're going to update the first post soon where we can see the extention of the snow biome is going.

I believe a lot of people were upset they were changing that area and wildcard heard their customers voices and listened which is good business.

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2 minutes ago, UDGxKnight said:

Thank you for the effort! :D that clears it up a bit more for me. I really thought it was gna be on the West coast area originally. Appreciate people willing to help others

One of my closest friends is color blind.  So I know his struggles.  It's the best I could do quickly so you get a better idea at least.

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1 hour ago, oOneHitKOo said:

will there be any pics b4 the update so i know if i need to move my base or not cause i spent 3 months to build my metal base. I dont even know if im gonna keep playing if i lose everything

Pics of what? There is already a marked up map with the highlighted areas but not included the hidden lake area any more.

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