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Which of these do you think is more powerful? Why? If you think there is a more powerful Apex Predator, then what is it?

Apex Predators

Giga, Rex, Spino, Yuty, Wyvern, Reaper, Rock Drake, Basilisk, Karkinos, Managarmr, Velonosaur, Bloodstalker, Magmasaur, Mosasaurus, Plesiosaur.

(let me know if I missed any!)


I prefer the Mek due to its versatility with its modules, but it can be a pain to maintain the modules with their durability dropping every time you remove them. And, of course, the Mek 'starves' without element.

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Giga is obviously the strongest in most situations (talking pve here) but I feel the deinonychus deserves a mention. It’s bleed is gives it more damage than even a giga could do against very powerful foes. It can’t do anything more than an alpha Rex alone because it needs something to tank the hits, but it can end boss fights, titans, and dodorexes/wyverns in like a minute.

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these are all official classifications in game. It basically means nothing is going to attack it unless it attacks it first. and yes, thank you, the deinonychus is also an apex predator. And, XGiga, last I checked, tamed gigas do NOT deal bleed damage, and meks and reapers have higher health per level, although you can't level meks. 

Also, Ando is saying meks can do these things, although he's never actually witnessed them try-

M.R.L.M can instantly wipe ARMIES.

M.S.C.M. can deal 90k damage to struchtures

tank very effectively against turrets.

sword can wipe bases in one or two hits

more health than a wild giga


Please tell him that most of these are false, although, meks are decent tanks. 

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For sure! Think about all of the different Apex Drops... Megalania Toxin... Sarco Skins... Therizino Claws... the theri isn't even a predator, it's a herbivore. The theri is a funky one. It's a herbivore, but it has the mechanics of an Apex Predator. But it can't be! Because it's a herbivore! Maybe could we hear from a dev on this? Idk, is there a way to get their attention?

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20 hours ago, GrumpyBear said:

There's no point in this conversation as it's spelled out in simple english and #s. 



No thinking needed.

I very much so disagree! Any self-respecting ARK player would never call any creature better simply because of its health or damage output. There are so many other things that factor into what makes a dino good! For example, a lightning wyvern can beat out a wild giga even though it has much higher health and DPS. Why? the wyvern can fly and deal damage from afar, while the giga is grounded and can only deal damage at close range. the Mek and Reaper are what I chose because as near as I can figure, neither has an ability that the other cannot counter. For example, the mek has modules that can dish out high damage from a range, but the reaper has a very high damage resistance in the absence of charge, and charge pets cannot shine from a mek cockpit. Or, the reaper can throw acid from its tail that slows the mek, but the mek has a deployable shield that protects it from projectiles, along with a hover mode that can dodge them quite well. These two creatures almost seem as though they were meant to ge head to head, and if my channel gets to 30 subscribers, I will do a fight between the two on the map that was made for it: Valguero.


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