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What's the best way to get wyvern eggs?

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32 minutes ago, Imorcutt said:

I play on Ragnarok and I'm wondering what's the most efficient less-likely to die way to get wyvern eggs? I use Pteranodons since they're faster than most but is there a better way?

Im not sure if rag is the same as SE, but the very first egg I stole, I used a "junk" argy. I still don't know how I got away, but to this day I remember screaming out loud as I was being chased down by a fire wyvern. XD After about 3 minutes of the WEIRDEST flying Iv ever done in this game, I finally made it out safe and sound.

If you want more ideas, you can check out nooblets version. More or less he uses a pteranodon to steal the egg and get the heck out of dodge and to a small base nearby. The base has angled roofing tiles as a fence to "catch" any angry wyverns chasseing him, he then hops off the ptera inside the base, then gets onto a galimius, and then gets the heck outa dodge at mock 4.....wyverns can't catch him, but you gotta be careful. Just a tiny little hop =fall damage like you have never seen before.

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Tropeo is by far the easiest way to steal eggs if you have one or can go tame one. Plenty of weight capacity, flies forever with a few points invested into stam, and nothing out there can even attempt to keep up with it. Find yourself in a tight spot and all you need to do is tap c and you backflip across the map miles away from any danger.

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On Rag, the simplest way is to snag an ice wyvern egg with a ptera, half the time the Wyverns aren't even around to chase you. Then hatch that, level it up a bit and use that to go into the main trench to get decent eggs.


Once you have a decent fire wyvern, the trench is zero challenge at all, I clear the trench regularly killing almost every wyvern in there as I go (level dependant).


Or if you're really bored, you can do something like this 😂 (might not be possible on official)


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