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Hey guys im @ lvl 80ish Ark Mobile Latest Update Single Player, while i was playing i got this Issues;

1. When Im mounted flying with my argy and had my quetz on follow, when the quetz got near us it block my field of view i got inside her/his belly. Tried the all the following distance but still they block my view, wish there's a setting that when they are on follow they maintain that certain distance.

2. When underwater had scuba mask and tank, the map became fussy and so following coordinates are not accurate.

3. Well yeah my phone's only 3gb ram so its on minimum i think? Maybe a little more Optimization on the ark mobile app is needed to fix this (my phones on performance mode while im playing ark with developer tools, rooted and stuff) problem together with framedrops.

4. Hey! Almost forgot, im really confused here with my anky's attacks. How do i maintain exactly that double hit attack that gather more resources on ores, how do i specifically do that? Double tap? Single? Or tap then hold? Or make some gap before attempting to attack again? You know the single tail whip gathered less resources than the other. This might not be a bug or issue, maybe im doing it wrong? Idk if someone know pls help me. Very much appreciated if someone help me


Yeah thats all for now and please excuse my bad english. Thanks 😎

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To 1. That‘s kind of normal, cause of the size of the Quetzal.

To 2. The same, cause of the Scuba Mask. Get a Tek-Scuba Mask and the problem is solved.

To 3. Everybody has this problem, Ark uses many resources...Everybody has lags, crashes and so on. At some time you will get used to it, or if not, leave ark.

To 4. See Jantiz answer.


P.S. Your english is quite good.😉

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To Jantiz, I'll try that later and Thank you Very Much 🙂

To XaosRes

To 1. Maybe I'll just have to deal with it for now.

To 2. I haven't finished a single dungeon till now, sad 😭 busy with hunting.

To 3. Yeah I know everybody has that. Gonna have to deal with it too. ( For me its still fun playing on single player feels like im a hunter facing huge dinos and im already used to crashes and whatnot so im still gonna play ark mobile)

Thanks for your help 

Busy right now hunting lvl 300 tuso. Im on hard difficulty btw.


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