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Levelling flyer move speed! Thanks Wildcard!

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  • Plunders changed the title to Levelling flyer move speed! Thanks Wildcard!
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4 minutes ago, Rumackay said:

I'm probably looking straight at it but where is the setting for single player?

The very last option in the GENERAL tab. However, it is only released on PC yet (I say yet, but I have no clue if it will comes to consoles in the future, but likely in the next patch if it does).

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Yay! When enabled one level equals a single point into flight speed percentage. 1 level = 1% increase. Means most of your levels go into flight speed if you want to make a noticeable difference. Doesn't feel like how the game used to be.

Even better, if you pick them up with a cryopod or anything similar (soul traps) all the points put into flight speed are reset and refunded. Just tried it out on my cluster servers. Seems kind of broken that the points/levels don't stick.

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