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Managarmr - Ongoing issue- Please Resolve!

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So this has been an ongoing issue, I dont know if anyone has reported it before..but here goes.

So the Managarmr ..awesome dino..my husband an I love being on it infact over the argent it's our go to dino in regards to flying mounts wyvren coming in 3rd ;) however ..lately if your the rider of this mount when the server saves (roughly every 15 mins) the rider gets dc'd and the game shuts down..at first I thought it was just us..but nope :( other players told me same thing was happening to them also..the passenger is fine no issues there. Now it seems its also happening when using the frost blast when attacking wild dino's :(  this only seems to happen on Valguero, Crystal Isle, Extinction ..

Any idea's on the reason for this or when it can be fixed ?

ASAP please as this is proventing many from using an awesome dino.


many thanks!

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