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Issues with auto-destroying claimable dinos (WC Dev needed!)

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Greetz togther!

I have troubles to automaticaly destroying claimable dinos on server start.

My Setup

Our servers reboots daily!





(No doubles in the ini-file or start-script, thats cleanm also tried DefaultGameUserSettings.ini)


The Issue

After some days the dinos from a tribe are claimable and any player can claim. But if i underthing this patch (https://ark.gamepedia.com/255.0) right, they should be remove if the server reboot:


Added option to auto-destroy claimable decayed dinos on load, rather than have them remain around as Claimable. To use this, run with ?AutoDestroyDecayedDinos=true

This wont work for me. After rebooting the server the claimable dinos are still there.


I think here is maybe a bug or i missed a config-parameter:

The Dino is still bound to the tribe, in this case the auto-destroying doesnt work! Is the dino manumit by the player itself, the dino is claimable WITHOUT bound to any tribe. In this case the dino(s) will be auto-destoryed successfully.

The Goal

I want todo this automatically, not via commands like:

admincheat destroyTribeDinos
admincheat destroyMyTarget
admincheat kill

The command works, yes, but its heavy to maintain a cluster in this case.

I also tried this command, but here you can see the problem:

cheat destroytribeiddinos 2000000000

This command allows to destroy all claimable dinos WITHOUT tribeId.

The Alternative

Is there any similar command like "cheat destroytribeiddinos 2000000000" this to destroy ALL dinos without looking to the dino itself which is claimable and still bound to a tribe? In this case it should be easy to setup a cronjob which triggers this command via RCON to every server in the cluster as workaround for the issue with the automatism.


Thanks in advance! :)


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