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Increase in-game text size finally pls


So ive been playing this game for a long time now, I started playing on ps4 and now i play on pc . And i really get annoyed by how tiny the letters are in game.

I recently bought a bigger tv and i still have to get off the couch and walk at least a meter away from the tv to be able to read it.

Ive got ui scale on max, A big ass tv and its still impossible to read the letters in my inventory or smithy/replicator etc. This is the only game i got problems with with reading stuff.

Especially those letters/words that explain what a certain thing does or what resources it needs. You know the important stuff.

On ps4 i usually could make it out by the resource symbol & the numbers i needed were a educated guess. Now that i play on pc i started playing mods so that means new symbols, new stuff to learn, new words etc. And its still a pain in the ... to read every single time.

I cant even find a mod to fix the font ingame. Eventhough its common knowledge with everyone that plays.

And the internet and forum is full with people who complain about this tiny, microscopic font you still use. But after all these years still nothing has been done about it.

Please fix it. 


Edit: i saw another topic complaining about this from 2017 in wich someone from the devteam said they were going to fix it. Hello? Its 2021 already.

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