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Therizinos are definitely the way to go.  With that said, rexes are not impossible... but very difficult. If this helps, I tried once on single player with 1 yuty / 19 rexes that were all around 50-60k+ health and 1500+ melee. A few had stats closer to 70k H / 1800 M. However, my saddles sucked!...mostly primitive... and I lost.  I'm not sure the Dragon even worked up much of a sweat.  I think it still had roughly 30% of its' health remaining at the end. High level saddles would have made the contest much closer.   I was also a noob at the time and it was my first attempt at the alpha dragon.

I have heard of people doing it, so yes, it can be done.  If you have something close to the stats above with Mastercraft saddles or better, you might be ok.

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8 hours ago, YanYan420 said:

Can you do the alpha dragon with rexes? If so what kind of stats do they need to have? I'm playing singleplayer with sped up breeding and maturing, imprint scale is x3. I don't really want to go and tame theris that's why i'm asking.

Thank you in advande!

Yeah its possible, just work on their melee a bit more than health......20k is the sweetish spot for health put all their other points into melee afterwards. Also everything you can do to help them adds up.....saddle's, deadon and yuty, try to keep them out of the lava. Ect. ect.

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