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pve 💥NEW💥Unique PVE/PVP - VAL/RAG -Server: 🦖ArkGasm🦖

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How ArkGasm is unique: It is FAVORED towards PVE. For 1 month (starting today 1/13/21) sever will be PVE only. After 1 month, there will be 1 day, every other week (Saturday), for PVP. Must read entire forum to know all:

After the first month of Valguero we will cluster to Ragnarock. Once Genesis 2 releases, we will cluster there also.

The name of the server is ArkGasm. TO JOIN MUST FOLLOW ALL: Ark Menu > Join > filter Unofficial PC session (bottom left). Select ALL maps and ALL game modes (top right) > UNCHECK both boxes on bottom left (favorite servers and show password) > Then type in ArkGasm. I highly suggest joining discord and staying in the loop. The link is as follows:

Discord Link

I Stream just about everyday. Holler at me on my twitch below :)

My Twitch Link

dino riders dinosaur GIF


The goal of the server is to be long term fun. To do this, you cannot have stats boosted too much or it will ruin the long term mechanics of the game. Having said that, no one wants to spend 10 days raising a baby Dino. Everything is default except the following:

  • XP multiplier: 2.5
  • Harvesting Rate: 2.5
  • Taming Speed: 3
  • Baby Mature Speed: 20
  • Egg Hatch speed: 999
  • Mating Multiplier: 0.4 (about 20 hours for a Rex)
  • Weight: on humans: 2
  • Weight on Dinos: 5
  • Fortitude: 3
  • Oxygen: 6
  • Dino Health recovery: 3
  • Character Health recovery: 2
  • Stack size multiplier: 1000
  • Supply Crate Multiplier: 1.7
  • Fishing Multiplier: 1.7
  • Water/Food Drain human and Dino: 0.1
  • Crop Growth Speed: 20
  • Tamed creature starvation: 0.3
  • Passive Tame: 0.5 (They eat twice as fast)
  • Stack size: 1k
  • Resource Respawn Multiplier: 0.3
  • Lay Egg multiplier: 2 (Not fertilized)
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.01 (Very slow burn. For charcoal, use industrial forge or break the black trees by Wyvrn trench).


The Server is not geared towards hardcore sweaty PVP'ers, but they are also welcome! Sometimes ark just gets a bit dull after 1-3 months. This will be a FORGIVING PVP server and long term. See below PVP RULES for more info.


PVP RULES: Must Read

As stated above. This is more of a PVE friendly server. But sometimes there is need for blood:

Every starting tribe has 1 month of protection before being able to get raided. After the 1st month, every other Saturday (2 weeks) there will be 24 hours of PVP. If you get wiped, you have 1 month of protection to build back up.

PAY ATTENTION: This is long term PVP and it will be by design.


  • No Griefing buildings(Destroying structures for the hell of it). Once you have entry into base; destroy what you must to loot ONLY.  Give them a reason to build back up and PVP again = long term.
  • Do NOT kill passive breeding dinos. Every Tribe is allowed 1 BREEDING PAIR ONLY of each species of Dinos out for safe keeping. Keep them AWAY from your base and make a giant sign that says Breeding Dinos. They must be on passive and be named Breeder. (You must provide a video clip of this for proof BEFORE PVP or at least have it ready if the worst happens). Do not cry if you have no proof. 
  • Feel free to steal everything. Just keep in mind we want to give people the chance to fight another day. 


Do NOT troll. Do NOT build in resource rich areas, ESPECIALLY CAVES. CLIP everything to show  proof of anyone trolling. I will not take any one's word for anything. We do not tolerate trolls; So if you're caught, adios mustacho. 


Friggin love you guys. 

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