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pve 💥NEW💥Unique PVE or PVP (Your Choice) Cluster- ALL Maps - Server: 🦖ArkGasm🦖

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💥How ArkGasm is Unique💥You have the OPTION to PVE or PVP

Nitrado Sponsored - So the cluster is here to stay

🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘

PVE Servers: Valguero, Abberation, Ragnarok, Crystal Isles, Extinction, & Genesis (Gen 2 will replace Gen 1 upon release)

PVP Server 1: Scorched Earth. Wiped 5/1/21!! Will be wipes bi-weekly or monthly. Depending upon results

PVP Server2:  Ragnarok (Separate from PVE Ragnarok) You can transfer to and from this server to PVE See unique PVP info at bottom of post


Server Additions:

💥Ascendant Air Drops + Artifacts + Chibis

💥Bosses Drop Tek Gear Blueprints (Tier depending on difficulty) + 4 times the Element

💥Beaver Dams drop 500-2k Cementing Paste

💥Creature Products needed for Bosses are increased amounts of 6-8

💥Stack size of 1-20k (Depending on Resource)

💥Flyers on all Maps: Also see below for community Transmitters.

💥Discord Trade Channel, Ark Chat, and Looking for Tribe Chats. See below in Blue.

How to join ArkGasm.  MUST FOLLOW ALL: Ark Menu > Join > filter Unofficial PC session (bottom left). Select ALL maps and ALL game modes (top right) > UNCHECK both boxes on bottom left (favorite servers and show password) > Then type in ArkGasm. I highly suggest joining discord and staying in the loop. The link is as follows:

Discord Link

I Stream just about everyday. Holler at me on my twitch below :)

My Twitch Link

dino riders dinosaur GIF


The goal of the server is to be long term fun. To do this, you cannot have stats boosted too much or it will ruin the long term mechanics of the game. Having said that, no one wants to spend 10 days raising a baby Dino. Everything is default except the following:

  • XP multiplier: 3 (5 on PVP wipe server)                                                                                            
  • Harvesting Rate: 2.5 (bonus of 5 on weekend)(5 on PVP wipe server) 
  • Taming Speed: 3 (bonus of 6 on weekend)(6 on PVP wipe server) 
  • Baby Mature Speed: 12 (bonus of 24 on weekend)(24 on PVP wipe server) 
  • Mating Multiplier: 0.4 (about 20 hours for a rex) (bonus of 0.2 on weekend)(0.2 on PVP wipe server) 
  • Passive Tame Speed: 0.5 (They eat twice as fast)
  • Egg Hatch speed: 999
  • Character Health recovery: 2
  • Character Weight per lvl: 2
  • Character Fortitude per Lvl: 3
  • Character Oxygen per Lvl: 6
  • Water/Food Drain human and Dino: 0.1 human 0.3 tamed Dino (not wild)
  • Dino Health Per Lvl: 0.5 (default is 0.2)
  • Dino Melee Per Lvl: 0.5 (default is 0.17)
  • Dino Weight Per Lvl: 20
  • Dino Health recovery: 3
  • Stack size multiplier: 1000
  • Supply Crate Multiplier: 1.7 (Default is 1)(1.4 on PVP wipe server) 
  • Fishing Multiplier: 1.7  (Default is 1)
  • Crop Growth Speed: 20
  • Resource Respawn Multiplier: 0.3 (Resources spawn 3 times as fast)
  • Lay Egg multiplier: 2 (Not fertilized)
  • Fuel Consumption: 0.01 (Very slow burn. For charcoal, use industrial forge or break the black trees by Wyvern Trench).


Community Tek Transmitter Coordinates:

Valguero Tek Transmitter Lat 55 LON 50

Abberation Tek Transmitter LAT 45 LON 15 (Portal Easy Area)

Genesis Tek Transmitter (Snow Biome) LAT 70 LON 20


🙈PVP RULES: Must Read🙉

CLIP EVERYTHING FOR PROOF. If someone is trolling or not following the rules, I must have a clip for proof. He said she said will not suffice. X box is double tap the x box button then x right after). If you're PC and don't know how to clip - Google it :)

DO NOT put turrets in random parts of the map or at any Obelisk! ONLY put turrets at your base. This will not be a warning rule for players (instant ban).


💥💥💥💥 PVP EVENTS 💥💥💥💥



This is 24/7 "event." In our discord, there is a text channel called Ark Leaderboard. This will always list the top Leaderboard Tribes in ranking order, that if left standing for a week, gets a minimum reward of 100k advanced rifle bullets + 20k element shards per week (see the bottom of text channel for all details on this). The higher the rank, the more you get. This is to prompt people to build defensive bases instead of just FOB offense. The way this works: If you are new to the leaderboard you get 100k advanced rifle bullets to start off + 1 week of protection to build up. After that first week, you get 100k more bullets and then you are fair game. Keep in mind, you can transfer char, dinos, and items, to and from PVE servers. So just because you're getting free bullets doesn't mean you necessarily want to hop right into PVP. See more details in Discord. (Admin/Streamer will never offline raid).

Blueprint Game:

During the weekend, sometimes we will do the blueprint game. This only involves the person to come naked. The admin will spawn in everything needed to fight and build. IF we have 8 show up, we will do 2 teams of 4. If we have more, we will make more teams. The items needed to pvp are provided: vaults full of flak gear, fab snipers, comp bows, bolas, shotguns, swords, x amount of beds, and ammo. The first team to enter the others base with swords (this takes many hits) wins. Winner gets a very strong BP, skins, or chibi of their choice.

Cannon Ball Galore

Admin spawns in x amount of rafts and cannon balls (depending on how many tribes play), and they try and sink each other. Last one left standing wins the prize.

1 V 1's:

Admin spawns in all gear needed and we will do eliminations until there is 1 victor. Tribes best Dinos will be on the line OR admin can spawn something in for the victor.

If anyone has any new ideas, feel free to DM admin :)


Feel free to build up as much as you want on other servers before entering the PVP realm of Ragnarok. You can transfer your char, dinos, and items there at any time.


Do not build in render distance of one another on PVE. Do not troll. Do NOT build in resource rich areas, especially resource caves. Caves without resources is fine. CLIP everything to show  proof of anyone trolling. I will not take any one's word for anything. We do not tolerate trolls; So if you're caught, adios. 


One love.

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