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Imprinting in ark mobile

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To imprint you have to start with making a baby. You can not imprint adults. You have from the time the baby is born until it reaches 100% maturity to get it imprinted. Of course the aim should be to reach 100% imprint which will give you 30% less damage taken and 30% more damage dished out during combat. Imprinting also raises several of the stats of the animal, namely speed, HPs, and a few others. If the tame is important to you, then you must have an imprinted version. 

  To imprint, do what the baby asks you to do while its waiting to mature. Usually varies from “cuddling”, going for a walk, or asking to be fed a random kibble. If you have more questions, stop by my server, Clan Wolf, and I’d be happy to help.

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Big part of breeding/imprinting is setting up the infrastructure too. Having a dedicated breeding/nursery area is what I do. With the imprinting kibble, its based on the old kibble tree system. There are like 15 different kibbles the babies will request. Ankylo, Carb, dilo, dime, dimorph, dodo, galli, lystro, pachy, parasaur, pteradon, raptor, stego, terror bird, trike. Biggest pain is the dimetrodon and dimorph eggs. 

Protip 1: Download dododex to see what kibble goes to what and how to make it.

Protip 2: Have 2-3 kibble of each variety ready BEFORE your baby comes out. You could get lucky and only need one piece of dodo kibble and the rest cuddles and walks, or it could request 4 dime kibble and a dimorph ect. 


Just starting out: Cooking pot, campfire, harvest veggies, hunt eggs on the ground, water jugs/ near water source, preserving bin to make jerky/store eggs and ingredients. 

Advanced nursery: Generator with fridges, preserving bins for jerky, AC units, greenhouse w/ crop plots, industrial cooker, industrial grill. Kibble farm or store found eggs in fridge. I find the wild drop rate of eggs makes having a kibble farm not necessary. 

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