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Custom stuff on my dedi server

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Hey guys, i've created a dedi server via ASM and all is working great. The spawn overrides, loot crate overrides. So I managed to trun my Ragnarok into Aberration-Extinction mix by adding creatures from those DLCs, but as u can tell, there are things missing for a full emmersion.

Most importantly, charge nodes and city terminals. I mean, I can customize my server code as i want, right? So why wouldn't be possible to add those somewhere in the map? Idk, like "spawn 10 city terminals at locations x,y; x2,y2, etc". There has to be SOME way, right? I've read all the game.ini possible commands but haven't found anywhing that looked useful, so I don't really know how to deal with this..

Other thing is Rock Drake nests, maybe even element nodes which I'm assuming would work exactly same? Spawn <this> <there>. Or Aberration mushrooms and gem-crystals would be great, to be able to get them some other way than only from loot crates..

There has to be SOME way to do it? Steam mods can do it, so I'm assuming there has to be SOME way to do it all by hand??

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