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If you are talking about tek dinos vs aberrant dinos vs x dinos these are the differences

Wild tek dinos can be found at max lvl 180 instead of 150

Aberrant dinos have 4% less health, deal 6% more damage and glow in the dark

X-Dinos have 3% less health and 5% more damage, can be leveled up 88 times as opposed to 73 times and can exceed the official level cap by 50 levels (maximum level 500 instead of 450)

Each type can only breed with the same type so an aberrant ovis can only breed with other aberrant ovis'


Not sure what you mean about basilisks as there are no different types of them. Also if this is not what you meant and you were talking about specific dinos and what they are best at then see Yggdrassils post.

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Have to say that I feel like the aberant variants feel better than the others on the island.....Granted, Iv had to pour a ton of points into health comparatively, but after I get them where I feel more comfortable with, its super easy to get the other stats in order.
A high level aborant anky is super powerfull

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2 hours ago, Blackmagic9000 said:

Thank you! 

I mean dinos that you can have of that

Like rex for boss fights etc

Which type you guys think is the absolute best? That's what i mean, sorry!

Tek are usually the best, extra levels are very good and they aren't too hard to find on the moon on Genesis. If you plan to do a lot (like hundreds) of mutations on official servers, X dinos would be better because of the level cap. 

Something to note is that high level dinos are less common on story maps vs non canon maps like ragnarok. It's weird but it means things like X dinos are harder to find at good levels.

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