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Introducing the Tylosaurus! The dangerous apex predator of the depths!

Common Name: Tylosaurus
Species Name: Tylosaurus tenax (Tenacious Knob Lizard)
Time: Late Cretaceous
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Competitive

Tameable: Yes
Rideable: Yes
Utilities: Deep Diver, Hunter, Flincher, Mosasaurus/Tylosaurus Buff


Tylosaurus is a relative of Mosasaurus that often lives in the depths of the oceans, similar to its brother. As a result, they constantly compete for dominance in the ecosystem, with every single species there in the crossfire. This competition has led them to become notoriously aggressive, targeting everything that is in its territory whenever a Mosasaurus is in its territory, including survivors. Although larger animals can often ward off the many Tylosaurus attacks with their own size, strength, or speed, humans are lack all of these things in the water, which makes them one of the most dangerous animals in the entire island for survivors. As a result, many survivors avoid both Tylosaurus and Mosasaurus, as they fear the power than these two apex predators could have when they are together.


Although they are extremely difficult to tame, their abilities make them potent weapons for any warlike tribe. Tylosaurus are efficient hunters that can cleave and destroy through any animal in the seas. In addition, they are very good deep divers, allowing to easily gather resources from the sea floor or to make a quick escape from a failed assault. However, their deadliest characteristic is their specialized snout, which allows them to perform a devastating flinching charge against an opponent, literally making them helpless against their assault. Finally, they work extremely well with Mosasaurus, as their competitive nature allows both creatures to perform better in battle. Despite all of these abilities, they cannot be equipped with a Platform Saddle, as it is too cumbersome and heavy for such a predator that relies on its speed and its maneuverability.

Additional Info:

Their aggression is unique from other predators on the Island. They don't just hunt for food like any other predator. In an effort to "show off" its prowess and power to its rival, it often hunts for sport. Mosasaurus is all too happy to take advantage of this behavior, since Tylosaurus cannot directly challenge this massive beast. Despite this, this behavior also makes encountering Tylosaurus so life-threatening and terrifying, since it doesn't hunt humans for food....it hunts for fun. 

Author's Notes:

It's time for another dossier and this time it is the Tylosaurus, the dangerous apex predator of the depths!

Tylosaurus is one of the most dangerous animals in the entire Island, with good reason. It is faster than Mosasaurus and bulkier than Plesiosaurus (Making it in the middle of these two creatures when it comes to their health and speed) allowing it to challenge the many creatures in the oceans, from colossal squids to gigantic fish. In addition, their competitive nature with Mosasaurus makes them even more aggressive and bellicose, which is extremely bad news for humans, as they can instantly detect a survivor from long range and pursue them with impunity. Not even a mounted survivor is safe from Tylosaurus, as they could easily flinch it and deal tons of damage.

Despite this, their buff with Mosasaurus can be easily taken away due to the creature's rarity, which makes taming or hunting easier. They are also very rare to encounter, as survivors see very few Tylosaurus in the depths. Still, they are powerful animals in their own right, which is why survivors often avoid them at all costs.

This creature is a powerful weapon once tamed, making them very useful animals for any warlike tribe. They can hunt and dive effectively, making them decent for the more menial tasks around the island. However, its most powerful ability is its flinching charge, which can potentially prevent an opponent from doing anything, allowing it to deal massive damage. In addition, their competitive nature with Mosasaurus causes both animals to compete for their owner's favor, increasing their stats similarly to Thylacosmilus and Sabertooth from my Fan Dossier series. 

However, this creature cannot be equipped with a Platform Saddle, which relegates them into an escort for the massive Mosasaurus or an attacker against the larger animals that their opponents have in their disposal. Tylosaurus is also a creature that is only built for combat or for war, making it somewhat undesirable for more peaceful tribes, aside from being a guardian for their sea creatures. Still, this animal remains a gargantuan threat for any tribe, which is why it is constantly feared across the Island. 

Thanks for reading! 



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