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"Thanks" and "Like" reactions' icons

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When you press "thanks" it gives people a thumbs up. But when you simply just like/agree with a post, it gives a heart. It makes no sense to me. I some times want to express my non-verbal agreement with posts. They end up getting a heart which seems out of proportion relative to the feedback I want to be giving. As if I LOVE their response. I just merely agreed with it. On the contrary, if I really want to express my personal gratitude for a post that was helpful or insightful to me, and say "thanks" , they are getting a mere thumbs up. It seems to me the icons should have been assigned the other way around. "Thanks" should be a heart, and "Like" which just basically means "I fully/partially agree with this" should be a thumbs up. 

That will be all.


(edit because swiftkey is all but swift) 

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