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Ok so my friends have just gotten me into playing Ark. I was loving it. They decided for us all to go to Prim+ Which I was completely down for. We loaded it up and I dc'ed ever few mins. Then we saw an update. We all updated and loaded ark back up the next day. I thought the issue was fixed because we all properly updated. Wrong. I load in and still ever 5-10 mins I'm kicked. I have tried absolutely everything. I have reset my xbox. Deleted profile data. Power cycled my xbox. Made sure everything is up to date. Un-installed and Re-installed Ark. Tried a second account. I thought maybe its the server/map so I tried other servers and maps. Nothing seems to work. I honestly have no idea what to do now. The game works 100% fine no disconnecting when I play Survival Evolved. When I load up Primitive Plus its nothing but disconnecting.... 

Please Please Please help <3

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