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This game is garbage. The bugs, the supposed A.I. (A.R.) = artificial retard you are using for your dinosaurs is beyond rediculous. For one way to many dinos concentrated in areas. Especially once you build your base. Base built area goes from dodo birds to alpha raptors and carnos and rexs. The areas in which you find dinos poorly thought out. For instance anklysaurs in snowy mountains or parasaurs etc..... Do some research is just straight  up stupid. Those dinos would never mitigate to such cold climates in reality.   Able to DL a wyvern from dlcgiving those players a huge advantage over other players tf yall thinking??? Knockout a dino to tame and the game literally spawns rexs or carnos raptors just to ihterfere with the taming process. Several times this happens. Go for taming 2 dinos at once game spawn exactly 2 carnos just to interfere with the taming process. Dinosaurs several levels ahead in a beginners area.  Read other forums,wildcard literally had 3 years to smooth out bugs yet they are still there, what are you guys doing???!! I am a big time invester for several companies microsoft for starters, intel....after spending 4 years of on and off play time as well as my team and research that has been done. Officially fed up with this disastrous game. 

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