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Trophies, Flags and Dermis


Can we please make all boss trophies, flags and dermis' transferable to maps that don't use them for tribute requirements? 

I've got a trophy room on extinction, and what I cant have is bugging me. I've got a broodmother flag, but I can't take my trophy over! Etc. 

Heads you CANT transfer include: Broodmother, Megapithecus, Dragon, Manticore, Crystal Wyvern Queen (cant transfer her flag either).

Being able to transfer Dermis' between server would be amazing for trophy collections too.

Also, Moeder Flag has paint regions that don't line up with other boss flags. And the dermis for the desert titan flock turns out as a bugged dimorphodon.

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It is a simple request that makes sense. 

You do the work for the boss fight and you earn the rewards from it. As such, you should be allow to take those rewards wherever you wish. 

I run an unofficial cluster and our work around was to add set it so that when you defeat a boss you earn not only the drop it has by default but a chance to hear the others as well. It is not the perfect exchange as you then don't have to do the specific fight to earn the reward, but for those who have wanted to design a Trophy Room as you describe, it has worked. 

And because it is based on chance, you sometimes have to do the boss fight a few times to get what it is that you are looking for. 

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