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pve [PS4] PvE CLUSTER - Anomaly 5x Harvest / 15x Taming / Fast Breeding / STORY MAPS


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Welcome to Anomaly!

A new PS4 PvE cluster that started October 31st, 2020



Scorched Earth*







Crystal Isles


*Coming Soon!


Our goal is to have low boosted settings, fast breeding, and tougher boss fights, for a challenging and long-term gameplay for the player. Builders, Breeders, Shop Owners, Big Tribes, and Solo Players WELCOME! Minimal Common Sense Rules.


·         0.5x Vanilla Exp (Before WC added permanent increase to Official EXP)

·         5x Harvesting

·         15x Taming

·         7-10 Minutes Mating Interval

·         100x Hatch Speed, 4 min for Rex

·         88x Maturation, 1 hr for Rex


·         Max Character Level: 105 (before Ascension/Chibi)

·         Max Wild Dino Level: 450 (you still need to breed your dinos and have a good saddle to defeat the bosses 😉)

·         Max Wild Wyvern/Rock Drake Egg: 570


Peace of Mind / Fun Additions:


·         Ichthyornis (Annoying Beach Bird) spawns disabled across ALL maps

·         Fog disabled on Island

·         Unlimited Structure Pickup (push n hold triangle to pickup anything at any time or day!)

·         Cryosickness disabled

·         Stack Mods and Weight Enhancements to accommodate

·         AllowFlyerCarryPvE=True

·         Alliances Enabled

·         Tribe Wars Enabled

·         Transferable element!

·         Tek Transmitter & Tek Teleporter are auto-unlocked, the rest of the TekGrams are unlocked through boss fights.

·         X-Spino / X-Tapejara spawns on Island.

·         Snow Owl / Rock Drake spawns on Crystal Isles.

·         Slightly Modded Drops


Our community is growing! Join our Discord to stay connected, for Announcements, Direct Nitrado Acct Donation links (In-Game Donation Awards Available), and more!   https://discord.gg/hjmMwExBBB

PSN omgdawn



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On 3/30/2021 at 11:03 PM, Kodking194 said:

hi, im wondering, what are player and dino stats like. all i really care about is weight in terms of players, and for is health, stam, weight and melee boosted?
also i was wondering if a discord invite link could be posted for me to send my friends, and so i can get onto the discord server. cheers.

Hey! sorry for the delayed response, the discord code is hjmMwExBBB


Player stats are 50 per level, 600 for weight.

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