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Event Improvement (perm skins and SP event activation)


Please make event skins permanently spawn in your inventory just like other content such as the new Sandigo skins and the achievement skins. This would be a very simple change, and would go a long way with people, as they don’t have to lose their skins every time they die, and can have different armor pieces/items with the same skin. Also so if for example your made a Santa hat, that as many dinos as you wanted could have it. All you would really have to do is copy a bit of coding from and achievement skin, and modify the item ID and stuff a bit.

on another note, please keep events in game after they end so servers and SP worlds can host events after they end, for people who didn’t have time to play over the holidays, or didn’t get all the skins they want, or simply are too lazy to take down the trees till February...

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On 12/16/2020 at 12:42 PM, Dinobros2000 said:

What about the loom simply crafts skins once you’ve unlocked them, and your of-topic ideas can go in a different channel? 

yeah a method of unlocking skin in a different crafting station (a cooking pot doesn't really even make sense) and then being able to craft it whenever you want (provided you previously unlocked it) almost like hairstyles sounds like a good idea. Also you're right keep on-topic

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Honestly, I would rather skins not be attached to your inventory. 

  • First Reason: They clutter your inventory when you die or transmit between maps if you don't turn them off, but at the same time, if you do - you don't have access to them. So it is an "all or nothing" situation. 
  • Second Reason: There are a lot of them them once you unlock them, and if you start including event item... Yikes
  • Third Reason: We can already craft an awful lot in our inventories, most of which I find a bit much and as such, I am not a fan of adding too that collection more than necessary. 

Instead I would rather have a crafting station such as a "Loom" added. The Loom would... (actual name tbd)

  • Include the ability to craft all armor types excluding Tek Armor
  • Include the ability to craft all saddles and platform saddles in the station excluding Tek item. 
  • Include the ability to craft all Skins and/or Costumes you have unlocked. The menu of which would be sorted by Skin Type so it is easy to locate them in the menu. 
  • Include the ability to craft all new skins and/costumes during events and by doing so, unlock the blueprint to create additional copies with items found in game and not be restricted to items found during events. (it makes more sense to craft them here then to "cook" skins/costumes in a cooking pot. 

Another method would be to take the "Loom" table and split if further. 

  • "Loom" 
    • Crafts all Armor types excluding Tek
    • Crafts all Armor, Tool, and Weapon Skins Unlocked
    • Crafts Event Skins with Event items to unlock the recipes for using normal items. 
  • "Saddle Bench"
    • Crafts all Saddles excluding Tek
    • Crafts all Saddle Skins and Costumes that have been unlocked
    • Crafts Event Skins and Costumes with Event items to unlock the recipes for using normal items.

Regardless of the one station or two, the armor, saddles, skins and/or costumes they would have access to would be restricted to those each player has access too. So if, for example, you crafted a holiday sweater using holiday items, then that sweater skin would be unlocked for your player to craft, not others. Just as with unlocked engrams. You can only craft what your player has the access to craft. 

This method would structure the crafting stations a bit, give you access to the skins you have earned during events, achievements, notes, or boss fights and it would not require that you die or transmit to gain access to them. It would also make it a bit easier to dress up your character. They haven't given some full body pre-Tek armor sets or skins for a while so having easier access to those that do exist would be a nice compromise. 


As for turning on and off the events at will - I would like to have the ability back. However I understand the reasoning behind why they don't and I am okay with it. 

We once had the ability to turn those off and on at will. And that was great. But once the major optimizations started rolling out, starting back around the time of the Genesis 1 release, the ability to turn them on remained, but their functionality did not. Now the rule of thumb has basically become that you can only fully activate an event that has run officially since the most recent optimization. Which means, with them rolling out so many recently, that there aren't a lot to choose from. 

It is sort of disappointing, but if I have to lose the ability to turn on events at random in order to gain some overall game improvements? Then so be it. 


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