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pvp (AU) VanillaKink (Island) - 3MAN (3xH/T, 1xXP, OGS, Reward Vault)

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Hello and welcome to VanillaKink, where the aim of the server is to replicate some vanilla settings with some small changes to allow even SOLO players to build up and be just as dangerous as OFFICIAL megatribes, the settings  and rates also favour players who spend more time online, no pay-to-win, just good old fashioned hard work!
Server host has it's RAM and CPU maxed out to help reduce lag issues. The only thing to upgrade now is the amount of slots. More maps will be added to the cluster as time goes on. This server isn't very populated yet, but with your help, hopefully we can expand!

There are 9 mods in total, designed and customised for better dino utility and variety, small amounts of automation, QoL building comforts and small amounts of offline protection! None of these mods break the game and make it too easy, they simply remove a lot of the tedious aspects and allow you to focus on what you want in a solo/small tribe playstyle!

- Super Structures: (S+ but improved)
- Krakens Better Dinos: (Adds better dino utility as well as a few extra creatures)
- ARKomatic: (A QoL mod that allows you to build smaller variants of crafting structures, Fabricator, Chem bench, Indi Forge etc... All crafting speeds are vanilla)
- WBUI: (A user interface for players to get some info about the server by Pressing F1)
- ARK Additions - The Collection: (This adds extra dinos that have their own niche within the game, from raiding dinos to harvesting or taming!)
- Death Tweaks: (This mod has been added to give more fear into dying, upon death you will lose 20% of your total XP amount into a green orb that can be retrieved from your death drop but will diminish after an hour, TREAD CAREFULLY)
- StacksOnly: (This will help with storage and organisation without reducing the weight of raw resources)
- TC's Auto Rewards: (This is to give points to players by simply spending time on the server, packs will include armour sets, creatures of variable tiers, raw resources and pre-crafted structures to make small outpost bases. This is a great way to get back on your feet if you get raided)
(EXTRA points can be accumulated by donation to the server)
- Offline Guard System (OGS): (Customised to triple the HP of structures within the shields range {100 foundation radius} and turrets will do 2x damage after 30mins of the last tribe member logging off)

3x Harvesting
3x Taming
1x XP (2x Kill XP, 0.001x Dossier XP, 0.5x Idle XP)
0.25x Breeding Intervals
4x Maturation
0.25x Cuddle Intervals
2x Loot Crate/Fishing Quality

What settings have been kept the same as Official?

- Experience Gain! Our XP rate is set to official for everything except Idle XP (So AFK players don't gain levels as quick) and dossier XP, so note running is practically useless.
- Max Dino Level = 150! To keep with Official settings, maximum wild dino (Excluding Tek) is 150.
- No building in resource rich zones or in caves! This will allow the resources to be accessible to everyone.
- PvP respawn timers! This is to avoid people sacrificing themselves to drain turrets and to avoid griefing.
- No floating damage numbers! This aims to help disguise you if you're fighting dinos or raiding from a long distance and avoid game lag when using explosives.
- Friendly Fire Enabled! This will give more thought and strategy into combat.
- Dino and Character Levels are all Official Rates! No more getting 3000% movement speed from 13 levels :P
- Imprinting Stat Scaling! A fully imprinted baby will only get the 20% stats increase that you'll find on official!
- Gamma is Disabled! OG players of 2015 and '16 will remember what it was like roaming the Island forests on the back of a trike with a torch in hand, this aims to give some added difficulty to the game, especially early in the piece!

A vast amount of Official PvP servers are dead due to the amount of time required to accomplish anything. This server hopes to allow your hard work as an active solo player to reap long term rewards.

There is one final twist to this server, wild eggs and babies! This means that adults are no longer tameable (Minus a few exceptions)! If you want a certain creature, you either need to passive tame a baby/juvenile/adolescent creature or steal an egg (Provided that creature lays eggs). Makes early game tames easier and completely changes how you would normally play. Great for those who are bored of the old tranq and forcefeed tactics.

Mods, rates and settings are subject to change based on what the player base wants, if you want more PvP action, join in! People attracts more people!
As the server grows, more slots will be added to accompany extra people, but remember, only 3 people per tribe and no alliances!

Don't be afraid to have your say on what you'd like to see on the server in the Discord (Still WIP).
This is a NO-WIPE server! And will be running for a long time! We want to build a community with a positive PvP culture without the toxicity!

Show us what you can do!

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