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Suggestions for ARK 2

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On 11/19/2021 at 5:20 PM, Onimusha759 said:

Im hoping so lol.  That was 1 of the 1st things i noticed about the trailer.


Id like to see how, even in the modern day,  your gonna get into a base/fortress without breaching the walls.  Above no good because AA(Turrets), and below would be antimesh so no tunneling for you.  Even if you would tunnel, youd still have to breach the floor/basement wall...Theres no conceivable way to infiltrate a base from the ground without blowing a hole.  Its been that way through all of history and will be until someone comes up with a teleporter XD.

Do remember that ark1 released and advertised itself as a primitive game too.  I wouldnt be surprised if tek found its way into ark2.  Lore wise i dont see how it couldn't.  Aberration landed and seeded on earth too.  We logically should have mutated creatures and element lingering on the earth.

I would personally welcome tek game from the beginning rather than end game, which is what I believe the next step will be. In fact one theory I have is that the devs have merely made a poor choice of words in regards to Ark 2. This theory is based on the fact that we can see tek teleporters at the end of ark 2’s trailer. I think that the proper choice of words should have been tribal themed, rather than primitive themed . Sort of how like Wakonda is imagined within the avengers storyline/ marvel universe. Spears, shields and lasers, but no guns along with dinosaurs. This is how I predict the next Ark will be. 

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The issue here is, PVE players don't want to and shouldn't have to PVP to get to the game's resources.

Hello Everyone, So I am a big ark fan and I play the game since it got out. I wanna make this threat so we can discuss some ideas to make ark 2 a better and richer experience. I also wanna say that

On 11/19/2021 at 6:17 PM, Mangost said:

well the thing i hate about forcing soaking is that a: if you are on gen2 you have no hope of soaking a tek turret wall (especially when there are online tribe members to defend) and b: raiding a big base with soaking will take HOURS of just sitting there and soaking, retreating to heal and going back to soaking. its not fun at all. if it was possible to repurpose stegos/rock golems/other tanky tames as just a DISTRACTION for turrets, to where you can then sneak in other tames to actually destroy (but with more things such as maybe better tame ai for offline defence?) just to make raiding more about actually using strategy.

It’s all a balancing act. I absolutely disagree with you about the “hours” of soaking. In my experience most soaking is about drawing Aggro from the turrets so that someone else can rush them, taking at most an hour to bypass. Turrets are not an effective defense. Ironically turrets seem to be more of an offensive tool to protect raid bases from counter attacks. I’d like better Ai for sure but how do you stop ai from being kited!

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By no Tek i imagine that there will be no any teleporter under obelisk too,

Traveling to another server will take several hours in some kind of voo doo trance under some mushrooms effect in concentration till you die and your esence leave and go meet new body on another server, Ofc no items or tames transfer too.

And thats not only bad thing. Mean also no cryopods, no cryofridge, base despawn very fast in mode that one (PVE) cant go on holydays irl without to forget that he ever owned tames, base or played ark.

As fantasy part of game PVE users will have duty to go under strong  GM buffs every 5 days on PVP servers and destroy all there as revenge for all nerfs and patches caused by exploits of PVP players.

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