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Human breeding?

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10 hours ago, Lazerbeam said:

it would be sick if you could either play as that character or you could have that new child harvest, such as you give it a tool and in a menu you select what you want it to harvest or if you want it to use a tame to harvest the resource then you could select the amount or time you want them to harvest.


Long ago did they plan to do something like that in Atlas: player can breed and play with offspring once it is adult. But haven't played Atlas since then(preferer Ark) not sure what happened with that idea.

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Npc children would be cool and could provide stat buff for players. Maybe put in a psychological stat that children buff and if it gets too low your other stats start lowering. Would make the game have a tribal bloodline clan feeling to it. Players rely on children for mental health stat increases and npc children rely on players for food and protection. 

As for the implant on the child that’s easy to put in some sort of lore that it’s actually made from an organometallic compound literally grown from the cells in then body during gestation. 

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13 hours ago, JustAnotherBeachNoob said:

I feel like this would out solo players at even more of a disadvantage. Also, if people thought breeding Dinos for mutations was sick. Wait till you try and get a fully mutated human.  


This could indeed disadvantage solo players, even if they have human NPC would players probably still have better min/maxed stats for breeding.


Some tribes could use mutations to give every tribe member tribe colors: Like a Green+blue skin.

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27 minutes ago, JustAnotherBeachNoob said:

That is like saying that you just just remove pve or pvp. The wonderful thing about ark is that it caters to so many people. There even have SINGLE player and SMALL tribes. 

I'm a solo player. Have been for a long time. Theres no need to balance based on solo players on a tribe game because when expanded to a tribe setting it becomes exorbitantly more OP. 


Some times we need to think of the good of the game outside our own needs and wants, man.

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11 hours ago, DodoRaptor said:

"Breeding humans." Say that aloud. It sounds REALLY creepy. And mutations? Oh, hell no. I don't think any sane person is going to want to shotgun infants to death to build a master race of green-skinned warriors.

Me just trying to beat the bosses:


Also, ascendant sword is way better then shotguns, much less expensive.


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i think it would be cool to have a tribe made up of your children NPCs doing chores and everything, its like a reconstruction of the prehistoric tribes; i think it would be cool to get them to ride dinos too! As someone mentioned about solo players being disadvantaged, i think they should make massive open-world maps with massive lobbies- hundreds and thousands of players; maybe so big where only mid game you can encounter enemy tribes and fight (players will spawn far away from other tribes), so you can have time to settle, adapt and survive!


Or make a cool-down for how long it takes to respawn, so everyone has time to escape and increase survival chance.


Game developers did say it is a multiplayer game so it is quite unlikely that they will balance it out for solo player imo. Everything is up to imagination, the game is coming in 2021/2022 and they did not reveal any features. Lets hope the game will be great!

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