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ARK II & ARK: The Animated Series


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Just found out three character designs on Ark official wikia page - hope to see more

Helena is well-known from the teaser, quite similar to the game Ark Animated Helena design

There's also Nerva (who looks quite bad@ss) Ark Animated Nerva design 

But Rockwell's design... he looks much younger and a lot like any Disney cartoon's sterereoptical villain - you can see he's up to no good from the beginning... I could suggest a change for him  Ark Animated Rockwell design

(And where's his beard?)

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On 12/13/2020 at 3:04 AM, khaidu said:

I would probably remove the "hyper-realistic dinosaurs" part. Your dinosaurs are not even close to that going by the ark 2 trailer video.

It looks like you are using a very outdated source for "accurate t-rex" did someone just google accurate t-rex and went with the horribly reconstructed bbc one with the yellow crest?

other things to note

  • Reconstruction done by r.j.palmer is the most realistic rex to date
  • A lifesize replica of Sue was released and on tour this year with all current known data of Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • As far as I recall Tyrannosaurus did not have quill knobs on its ulna, and therefore did not have any discerning proof of feathering on its arms.
  • The arms are still JP style, and are not pronated to the realistic position.
  • There is plenty of evidence, and photographic proof of Tyrannosaurus scales being no wider than 5mm.
  • Tyrannosaurus did not have crocodile scutes along its back, crocodiles scutes follow a specific direction and do not face random directions.
  • Why does the trex head have an albertosaurus face instead of t-rex? Those fleshy peaks on the eyebrows is way too much like albertosaurus than tyrannosaurus
  • The head is too thin and eyes are not forward facing enough.
  • I don't know why Tyrannosaurus has protofeathers on its back similar to a psittacosaurus, but this too has not been located in any Tyrannosaurus rex specimen as of date. The closest to reveal any feather filaments was Yutyrannus, and this is still under heavy debate.
  • Your Tyrannosaurus is too annorexic. Latest bone reconstructions makes it much beefier.

I want to see you make me that, bruh this game doesn't follow a lot of logical rules anyway lol. How about you make a game about evolving and survival. Make your dinosaurs perfect models. When you do tell me cuz i wanna play that. But nice job on your desc. 

 P.S. a lot of pvpers wouldn't even know what the most real model is


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On 12/13/2020 at 10:32 AM, Codnoobftw said:

Still no comment on exclusivity 😪


In terms of exclusive would lead me to believe you are PlayStation, in all brutal honesty I don't think you will like my answer and I feel for you but odds are Ark 2 will drop early access to pc and xbox primarily as microsoft do have a contract that hold exclusive titles for 12 months post release after moving from console to pc I feel for you survivor.

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So what woulda happened if moron orc hadnt pulled out the the as(which is a really bad idea for a few reasons) 1 it stoped him for a bit before he ran, 2 he’s gonna bleed out. 
so if he hadn’t taken that out and just ran, he likely woulda made it, and if he did, then what? Can they see in the dark? Would they all die. Probably.

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On 1/1/2021 at 2:38 AM, survivors4life said:

How about the fact it isn't coming to playstation!? No one is mad about this!? I spent 60 dollars on the base game, 20 dollars for 3 DLCS, and 35 dollars for the gen bundle to get invested in this game and what do I get! No respect, come on, it's absolutely pathetic that you're not even looking into the horizon for a possible version.

Aw is the playstation player sad about exclusivity? Boohoo. You guys get exclusivity for like 99% of games and at the sight of that other 1% where you dont you start crying. 

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