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What I would like to see in Ark 2


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For starters considering how many people love the pve side of the game the Ark 2 should definately be designed in a way that fully supports the pve. Now the game mechanics allow pve servers to be so filled with buildings and tames that the performance issues are very severe especially on consoles.

As mentioned in the earliers posts a clean slate is required at this point and new game designs are a must for the sequel.

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Here's my list based on what has been most enjoyable and what has caused the most grief in Ark 1 (mostly played on pvp-servers with orpūüėě

1) No advanced technology. My biggest issue with Ark 1 has always been the abundance of technology. Rifles shooting laser beams and people blowing things up with C4 feels off when I think of dinosaurs and survival.  Hence, no tek tier and very simple metal tier equipment would be the sweet spot for me. Make things more primitive +

2) Level progression is too fast on lower levels. What's the point of building thatch or wood when you can power level to stone with very little effort? For me, the most enjoyable times were early game when I was still building up and trying to make use of everything I learned along the way. Unfortunately, by the time I had enough resources to build a certain engram, it was already obsolete as I had unlocked a much better one.

3) Please don't make Ark 2 into a flyer-dominated game. At least make flyers end game or restrict their usefulness.  Maybe make land travel a lot faster or more convenient or add serious threats to air travel like hostile flyers that are actually a legitimate threat and have a long aggro range, or dangerous weather phenomena. I have over 2k hours of Ark 1 and I just realized I had never actually experienced the Redwoods from ground level. At least not properly. There's just so much attention to detail but so few players will actually appreciate this because they simply fly everywhere.

4)  PVE aspect of the game needs to be more challenging. Once you get a high level dino, you are pretty much untouchable. Maybe change the taming levels in such a way that you actually lose levels without 100% taming efficiency. For example, if you kibble tame (100%) a 150 dino, you end up with a 150 dino. The big difference between wild and tamed should be post tame levels and imprint bonuses. In addition, wild dinos/neanderthals/npcs should be a threat to your base at all times which should make base defence more important, even on pve. Maybe spawn a bunch of hostiles near the base once in a while, that will try to break in and eat your babies ;)

5) Base defence needs to be more about clever building, traps and dino placement and not so much about turret spam.

6) Restrict cave building or don't allow it at all. Pvp has turned into a cave fest and the 6x damage just doesnt cut it. Building out in the open is just not viable in comparison since you have to defend from all direction.

7) Dino AI needs some serious work. Wild dinos should be more instinct-based (as they most likely were in prehistoric times). Eg. pack animals should really work as packs, dinos that are outmatched should flee, make them more useful for base defense, pathing needs a lot of work.

ūüėé Please for the love of god no more bolting dogs that freeze your ass and mess up the pvp meta.

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On 3/13/2021 at 6:02 PM, JJacky said:

1) No advanced technology. My biggest issue with Ark 1 has always been the abundance of technology. Rifles shooting laser beams and people blowing things up with C4 feels off when I think of dinosaurs and survival.  Hence, no tek tier and very simple metal tier equipment would be the sweet spot for me. Make things more primitive +

You seem to have forgotten that you bought a sci-fi game that just happens to have dinosaurs... ARK: Survival Evolved. Even since day 1 of early access its been a sci fi game.. Specimen Implant (literally the first thing you look at), Obelisks, Supply drops, etc. I can't remember for sure or not but I believe even the Broodmother Lysrix was in the game. Last time I checked, no such giant spider existed IRL. You saw dinosaurs and immediately thought its a primitive dinosaur game without looking more into it. Thats on you. So to say again, you bought a sci-fi game, not a primitive game. 

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2 hours ago, HoganRyan01 said:

You seem to have forgotten that you bought a sci-fi game that just happens to have dinosaurs... ARK: Survival Evolved. Even since day 1 of early access its been a sci fi game.. Specimen Implant (literally the first thing you look at), Obelisks, Supply drops, etc. I can't remember for sure or not but I believe even the Broodmother Lysrix was in the game. Last time I checked, no such giant spider existed IRL. You saw dinosaurs and immediately thought its a primitive dinosaur game without looking more into it. Thats on you. So to say again, you bought a sci-fi game, not a primitive game. 

I'm well aware of what the game has been about since day 1.  I'm just expressing what my preference for an Ark 2 would be and that is less tek and sci-fi.

I can see from your other comments on this particular forum that you want tek to be a part of the game and that's fine. You are entitled to your opinion. We all have our own preferences and I'm hoping for a more Primitive+ish experience and less of a C4/tek rifle -fest.

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On 1/28/2021 at 3:37 AM, KAMIKAZY said:

Hello Everyone,

So I am a big ark fan and I play the game since it got out. I wanna make this threat so we can discuss some ideas to make ark 2 a better and richer experience. I also wanna say that I prefer the primitive part of the game, and a more tribal look. However Tek and other ideas are something that we can discuss. The following ideas are what I think in my personal opinion that will make the game a little more interesting. Just want to keep the discussion non toxic. Sorry if there are some writing mistakes, I am not a native English speaker.

Hope you enjoy


To me, this is the biggest ark problem, since alpha tribes just crush beginner tribes and that just make servers empty. I would like to suggest a different progression system.

  • You will have basically 4 or 5 different ascension levels. First you are a beach bob with only thatch and wood building structures, low level weapons, you can only tame certain dinos, for example raptors and pteras. You can still have rex and other dinos in the map, but you don‚Äôt have the level to tame that.¬† If you want to go into the next phase you will need to defeat a boss or several bosses to go to a different server (Ascend) where you will have for example stone and brick building, hide and chitin armour, you maybe can tame a allosaurus and argies. Next level metal tier, you can tame rex, have metal buildings and metal armour, gunpowder weapons etc. And for me this should be the max level, but this is just me because I don‚Äôt like tek stuff, but you can add another level and I will just stay in the metal tier and not ascend. Everything that you tame in the lower tier you can download to the higher one but not the opposite, you can not download a rex to the first tier for example. And in this way you will have a better balance In the server, every dino will have a role, not like what happens now, for example no one uses carno or a allosauros ¬†because they can have a rex right away.¬† This way everyone can have the experience that they enjoy the most about ark, without felling that they don‚Äôt have a chance. Also to make people want to¬† ascend, so they dont just get stuck in the first tiers, you can¬† add more level to your character when you ascend.


  • Only one big map, with several environment. Like and underground aberration zone, a grassland zone like ragnarok, desert like scorched earth, islands like in the island, swamp, ice zones, more rivers like the center. I think its better to just have 1 map with everything on because makes the servers fill less empty, when you have like 8 different maps you will scatter the players so much that the servers will fill empty.
  • More natural elements, like lighting storms (when active is very dangerous to ride a flyer, because you can get hit by a lighting that makes your flyer to land, or dismount you.) Sand storm, ice storm. Some river can get solid ice, and other can dry in some seasons like you do with the lava in the volcano of ragnarok.
  • Seasonal climate with the same time as the real world, and also when you are in the winter time its easier to find for example high levels rhino and other ice biome dinos, but when its summer time the chances of getting a 150 its reduced and vice versa in the other seasons.
  • Active events and map variation like fornite does. Meteor impact can modify some part of the map for some time where you can have for limit amount of time many resources, better loot, high level dinos etc. (Like fallout 76 does when a nuke explode)
  • Have no build areas where you have high resource density, for example metal in the volcano. No building in the obelisk, and no building in the event zone.


  • Less taming time, but more resources to tame them. So we spend more time gathering things to tame the dino which is much more interesting than wating hours and hours doing nothing and possible your tame be ruined by some wild dino or players...
  • More interactive taming: Using the fish rood to tame some water dinos, using different type of traps to different type of animals, like a pitfall that you need to lure the animal into, and when its finish just disappear, for smaller dinos a net trap in trees.
  • Herds roaming with sense, like desert dinos going to oasis. Herbivore near rivers drinking. Carnivore pack hunting. Some dinos sleep at night, other sleep during the day. Baby wild dinos, egg nest for dinos.
  • Try to stick to the dino theme. I know having something like rock drake is cool, maybe only in corrupted areas like aberration you can find these non dino tames, but try to make them as dinosaur like as you can like the rock drake, not like the blood stalker.


  • Different tier, different skin material (For example, primitive (Cloth); Ramshackle (Hide); Apprentice (Chitin), Jouneyman (Stone); Mastercraft (Metal); Ascendant (Tek)
  • Saddle/Dino Attachment:
  1. Metal claws into a therizino to give it higher melee damage.
  2. Metal teeth grils for carnivore to add extra damage.
  3. All flyers could use an jetpack attachment to increase the speed, but not that much, just a boost.
  4. Herbivore can have metal spike cover in their natural spikes to give more damage and give damage back to the carnivores.
  5. Heavy Flyer like quetzal can like have 1 or 2 bombs slots.
  6. Anti air turret saddle with 360¬ļ vision below a big flyer dino similar to the quetzal.
  7. Utility Saddles: Farming saddles, fishing saddles, mining saddle, that will give different boosts, for example mining saddle for the ankylo add a reduction of 50% in metal weight and have a little forge in it, fishing will have like a fridge that help keep the fish from spoiled. Carts that you attached to dino and can improve your weight transport capacity.  


  • More customizable armor and attachments
  • Chest: Aberration wing, you can also add a mini jet pack like the tropeognathus has to give it a small boost. You can also add just one parachute to it.
  • Legs: Some sort of spring like exoskeleton that mas you run faster, jump a little higher and reduce fall damage.
  • Gauntlets: Attached climbing pick, grapple, gps
  • Helmet: Attached a light, night vision googles, spyglass
  • Fist (New part): Add knuckles or Claw‚Äôs to increase damage when you fist fight
  • Feet: No ideia yet.



  • Add magnet points in every building structure and make it possible to able or disable this.
  • More type of structure like S+
  • Make every structure to be able to fit in 1 or 2 high. Don‚Äôt make like the fridge our vault in ark 1 that are like 1.5 high.
  • Smaller industrial forge, or at least a mid term forge.
  • Make every building item in every tier, not like the hatchframe you have a metal and a stone, but no wood or tek, does not make sense.
  • Furniture: Add more crafting stations, like one just for making saddles, one for armour, one for weapons and tools, one for drinks, one for food, and make them for every tier, the better the tier the more room and speed will give to crafting.
  • Add more decorative furniture, more musical instruments.
  • More types of traps and defense turrets.



  • Better hit registering
  • Better and more complex sword and fist fight.
  • Put a cap on speed, it just impossible to hit someone going 200km/h with bad registration, then its just flamethrower pvp with no skill.


  • More primitive weapon, like different type and style of swords, smaller cutting weapons.


  • More resources, like different type of minerals, silver, gold, and have different type of pick and tools to harvest different type of materials.
  • You should not be able to drink water from the ocean, and if you do so, you will get more thirsty,only if you boiled the water for example.
  • Precious stones, cooper etc..



  • More Vegetable, Fruits, Berries and make them biome specific, and plant (Bush) specific.
  • More interactive farming (Ex: You need to climb with climbing pick to collect bananas, or use a dino to shake the tree.
  • Better farm animations, like cutting wood, mining, hunting.
  • Bigger farms, not just crop plots, you can use something like a dirt foundation to have a big farm.
  • More Farming Tools (Ex: Shovel).
  • Farming Dinos (Ex: morelatops can be attached with some type of primitive farming tool to drag it into the crops.
  • More recipes
  • The more you or a dino farm a material the more experienced you or he will become. Like If you farm wood non stop you will get better at it and harvest a little more. Little like the therizino point in farming that we have now in ark.


  • Make the game more tribal look, in structures, armour, dinos, body paints also tribal body paint dinos.
  • Make the¬† max number in tribes be 10 people, so you don‚Äôt have a mega tribe that can lock the whole server from entering.
  • Keep ‚Äúcryopod‚ÄĚ idea, it helps with base size and lag, make it so that you just use your implant to collect the dino. Maybe make a more primitive cryopod.
  • More cave dungeons that you can only enter to complete and not be able to build.
  • Tier caves, so you can explore some caves with early equipment.
  • NPC like that showed in ark 2 trailers. Like with small camps and bosses in the map that you can raid.
  • Social zone in the map. Like destiny 2 you have a place where you can just hangout with other players. Like a central zone of the map, even in pvp mode players and dinos can not be killed or picked like in pve. Will be great to have markets, stores, vending machines where you have the possibility to put your dinos, or items for sale so the other players can buy, like an action house.
  • Would be great to have an app that can send you notifications, like dinos is tamed, you are under attacked, see server chat, see who is online from your tribe like the tribe log but into an app. And just because we can dream with dododex implemented ūüėČ. Also if possible to have a type of market in the app where players can put their tames and eggs or anything for sale so other can buy them would be awesome.


I know that there is plenty more ideas and suggestions that we can make, but to me this are the best ones. Feel free to comment with your own ideas, and I will pick them and put into the document to make it better and more completed.

From a fellow Surviver





I completely agree with almost everything you said I really hope ark 2 is somewhat like that.

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So in ark 2 there should be more access to camouflage. We started playing ark in pvp during the beta and I remember thinking the next patch would include something to conceal my stuff( e.g. dwellings, dinos, crops) and never got it. It was so frustrating that no matter where you build its always visible. Reguardless of refertilzer it's way to easy to find other tribes. So without stealth the game automatically turns into a competition of member gathering to dominate. Not to say that's horrible, it just eliminates the ability to be anything in between a solo player and a Megatribe. That should change.

Secondly, breeding and imprinting need improved. Baby's should be imprinted by active time spent with an animal. So activities like gathering, fighting, flying, breeding, command training  and more would create a multitude of variations in the behavior of an adult dino. Also the baby should be capable of being raised by its parents. Learning and using different raising techniques to up specific stats would make sense too.

The same sort of mechanic should also be used for crafting, allowing for infinite variation if crafted items which adds value to trading in game and game play value.

 These are just a couple things I've been thinking about, but overall I'm really excited to see how ark 2 comes out. 


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If ARK 2 is a sequel then we can assume that dinosaur life is already gone leaving place for mammal and such.

Next gen of PVP weapons are mas bio weapons.

Next PVE tools - genetic mutations on microorganisms, crops and other like your best mining driller will be some kind of mutated bacteria.

Lets not forget  that our ancestors have build big spaceship in witch Genesis 2 take place. (like ARK 2 with knowledge of terraforming and other technology  )

A lot of negative things too like human race living in spaceship with artificial gravity and no magnetic shield degenerated by radiation in some form of poo and avatar looking like Neandertals or worse ( like Vin Diesel in film trial or worse)

Btw anyone know easiest method to tame metal extracting virus?

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Let me start by sayng these ideas are mostly for the PVE gameplay since its what i enjoy the most.

So, i assume werea ll exited for ARK2 to come out, so instead of rumbling about and talking about changes id like to see in ark 1, i guess its easier to leave them here

So firstly, im going to go back to what I liked more about ark, dinos, I've seen a lot of people that are of the opinion that we don't need more dinos if they aren't super useful for something, or even of the opinion that some dinos are just so useless that they should be outright removed, but I disagree, I couldn't care less if dinos are useless or not, I want to see them, that's why I bought the game, to survive in a world full of dinosaurs, not to go on a quest to have the very best dinos, hell, when I first started playing I was taming pakis and dildos, why? because I thought it was cool. even tho they are 'useless creatures'. I enjoy the variety and I think some people would enjoy it too. And do you want an excuse to add more dinos, simple, there are two ways, making them regional, or making them seasonal. there are a lot of dinos that are just very similar, a good example would be the paki that is ingame, and dinos like the hadrosaurus or the corythosaurus, or all the different bronto like creatures, or anky and stego relatives just add them and make them do the same thing, so you can make them spawn in different regions of the map, in the way that depending on where you're located you'd have a different dino, without losing the ability to get 'essential dinos like the anky, getting instead a relative that would still do its role. The other way would be to change them, having seasons or sort, and the dinos would swap depending on the season. This would also bring some diversity without consequences since now we don't all need to have a Rex, we can have another dino with the same stats and function that just looks different. Dinos dont need to be speciall, alot of dinos before the TLC and even some today dont do anything speciall, and thats ok.


Packs, let's get real, the pack system is very simple especially for herbivores. More packs, maybe flocks for fish and some birds, specially fish, would look cool in the ocean.


Right sizes, a lot of creatures have the wrong sizes which might be weird, most notably might be the megalodon. you wantt a smaller ridable shark, add one, make the mega the mega. 


Wild young dinos and nests, this could be coupled with a better packs system and could turn some dinos more defensive(like giving them buffs) and hostile if they are protecting young or nesting grounds. and now dinos wouldn't just poop eggs anywhere. And nests for flyers would be cool, like for the wyverns, but for all flyers. Imagin Quetz nests in cliffs and Argy nests on the top of the grees in the redwoods.


With this, hunting grounds. areas where certain predators would rule, you could still find herbivores but not other predators of the same scale, this could be a good mechanic for creatures like the wolf by enabling them to spot when you entered a hunting ground and from each creature.


Different sized dinos of the same species, just like colour, making them slightly different in size would bring some variety, maybe they would grow as they age or evolve, same could be done with genders, with some males or females having different sizes or distinctive colour patters that could only be found in one of the genders, like in cats.


Carnivorous creatures just going after everything they see, like seriously, do they not run out of stam or hunger. the rex doesn't need to rush at my paky when it just ate 5 others in a row.


Make the sea better. Like why would you go down there, to get some resources and that's it, that water tech base is cool and all but if you want me to build a base underwater I need some cool locations, there isn't an incentive in exploring or taming good water creatures. More water creatures would help aswell, specially if were talking about more passive creatures like seaturtles, crabs and alike.


Day and night affect on dinos, when the Megalosaurus and the troodon were added I thought it was a test to see if it could be implemented into every dino, like it would make sense to have night dinos if the other dinos were weak at night, cant take on a big predator, just wait for night and get your buffed night creatures to fight the sleepy clumsy alfa. There isn't an incentive on having their creatures if other creatures arent affected by the day and night cycle. besides, it would be cool to see creatures sleeping in the wild, this would come with the pack and 'home grounds' system so they would be together and not just sleeping on the beach.


Better AI, if I hit something it wouldn't just run into a tree, terrain or into the water and/or get eaten by something more dangerous then myself. Creatures don't feel fear either, if I was seeing a peer being eaten alive by a carnivore, id run, nit just walks around. And id like to see herbivores eat as well, even if it just the animation, making them do something with their life. 


Make guns a bit more satisfying to use, they sound a bit weird sometimes, maybe it's just me.


TLC the existing creatures before transferring them to ARK 2, I wouldn't mind the creatures being reused, but refresh the rest of them.


Those are my ideas, maybe you have some more or would like to extend on mine? ust let me know :)

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Hello There everyone!!! I have over 3000 hours in Ark Survival. I own all maps and have played every single one.

Favorite Maps- All of them.  (Except Genesis) 

Am not the Best at writing but here are some suggestions that I think will really help ark 2.

Implement realistic dismounting from Dinosaurs. Add some rope latters to some tall dinos and make an option for it to Auto hide when you are not mounted.

Keep all the old Dinos and implement them in the new Engine/+ the newer Dinos we will be getting.

Have a different Variety of Maps like Ark 1. This will come as DLCs come out throughout the years.

Nerf Tamed Dinos 10%. Increase Ai difficulty base on area.

Also Very important Nerf flying mounts.

Decrease Pillar Decay time and find a Way to fix Pillar spam .

Keep it Primitive. I didn't like Genesis that much, maybe tried it for couple hours. it's too futuristic from the Other maps. Somehow takes out the primitive healthy feeling of what Ark was. Progress is beautiful  in Ark just not that futuristic manure.

Keep the Point system for the Character is a must. 

Make end game Tek or endgame Gear harder to get. Tek was a breeze to craft.

In general I like a feeling of a harder game. Everything else in Ark is fine and beautiful like the crafting/Building system/taming speed. *Taming speed should At least be reduced by 2% I know this sounds weird coming from a person that loves to get stuff done quick but I think it should be nerfed just a bit and buff the kibbles more that way it gives a sense of accomplishment when you get to the kibble part. I have a fridge full of kibble of all kind I don't even use 

What sucks? Very big lag rubberband and spikes I hope this doesn't carry over to ARK 2.

Buff Some Herbivore dinos which get useless after a while.

Raptors could be hunting in packs. 

Will come up with more Ideas At a later date. I have work to do. Have a good day everyone. I can't wait to play Ark 2 :D 







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I have no idea how many hours I have played. I have played on the PC but mostly on the Xbox as that's where my friends are. I like some of what people have listed here. Some not all. I didn't like the change maps after so many levels to keep going for one. I'm not going to go and list everything I did or didn't like. I'm going instead just to add my suggestions, some of which are already here. I'm going to use the word realistic and I know I'm going to get flack because its a dinosaur sci-fi game and I already know this. But when I use the term I mean that it breaks the immersion for me. I could say we should have to sleep every so often after all while playing as we can be up for days and days, but I don't think that would be a fun mechanic. Breeding should not be time suck it is now on official either. Its unhealthy. It is a bit better now with Cryopods and such.

I don't play pvp as I got tired of being wiped while offline and all the other cheating and toxicity that goes on. So I can't offer much there except they need a system to prevent getting meshed. A faster tickets response. I would recommend offline raid protection.

The people I play with always say the first 20 or so levels are the most fun. Some of this is because we are still afraid of animals, we don't usually have good ones of our own, and we are farming together, I think the other reason is because we don't have flyers yet. Some way to extend this would be great.

There needs to be mid tier and end game crafting stations. For example the Mortar and Pestle to Chem Bench to a Tek variant maybe something in between. With building tier's if I unlock a wood wall I should unlock all of the wall types(Window/Door, etc.) as they are essentially the same thing. We also need to be able to switch our crafting stations from a fuel source to an electrical source. Weather this is a new station, an upgrade we install on it, just a setting we switch, or a different version of the station I don't know. When they require fuel they also need a dedicated fuel slot. If they are going to want us to you hundreds or thousands of a resource we need a way to have said resource transfer to the crafting station that isn't walking back and forth a dozen or more times. In factories they use conveyor belts and stuff we need that sort of an option to go from our storage to crafting stations at least in later tiers.

We need more building structures. If they make more structures like platforms we should already have snap points to build. I should not have to layer them with foundations so that I can build a house. I want real windows that you can see clearly out of like structures plus has(They do not have to be strong or give greenhouse effect). The sloped wall should be reversible by that I mean I should be able to turn it upside down to cover gaps. More decorative items. Basically more options. Snap points should work better. No place it on one point and have it magically jump to another. I would suggest checking out other games like Conan Exiles. Some of the way their structures work is far superior. Stuff like pillars and ceilings need to snap flush. No pillar nipples or ceilings raised above foundations.

There should be more crops and cooking options. Let us be able to make different types of drinks, bread and other stuff like that. All recipes need to have a well a recipe in the game. For example kibble. I should not have to figure it out on my own or have to look it up online.

I want a different taming method. Knock out and feed has always seemed odd. I like the passive tame, I like how you tame horses and hyena's. I don't know what else to do. But maybe for some carno's we came tame them like you do a cat in real life. Feed it and be around it until it trusts you. I don't know what the answer is. I just think it need to be different. If they are going to keep it knock out, they should not have an inventory, we need to administer narc via needle and hand feed. At least with this method its more hands on and a bit more realistic. For stuff like Milk it can be like the crystal wyverns you just click take prime crystal.

Now that I have mentioned animals its time to talk inventory. Animals should not have an inventory until saddled, and then the saddle needs to have bags on it. I have always thought it was stupid that we essential stick stuff we collect up their butts. We can still use the animals to collect stuff at least if they have saddle bags we can pretend we got off the animal and harvested it or something. I'm not asking for more grind. For player inventory I guess we could say its stored in the implant but something like a bag would be nice. We need a separate place for ammo to keep it separate, no more dumping our ammo out when we transfer stuff from our inventory.

If they are going to have transfers to another map the need to make sure the system is rock solid. No chance of losing tames, gear, items, or characters.

We need better and more realistic animal AI, pathing, weather types and effects, day night cycles need to affect animals. New animals of course are needed but I want the old ones as well. As another person mentioned the animals can do the same thing. Just put them in a different biome, that is something Atlas has done right. However Atlas's breeding only in a specific biome is stupid.

Wild Card needs to be better at estimating their release dates. If something changes they know well in advance they are not going to be ready they need to announce it. No more last minute announcements telling us about a delay. If they are going to release on all platforms at the same time they need to hold the update until its available for all platforms. There is a reason they get so much hate from console players and its because they feel like second class citizens and the delayed release when another platform gets it is part. One of the others is the big deal they make about sponsored mods. While console users would love to get mods I understand why they don't but if they added the winning mods to console at least it would be something. Also if your going to add a mod into the base game don't gut it like they did with structures plus. If you don't want parts of a mod on official that's fine disable those parts. But for unofficial we should have the whole map. If you add a map form a mod author that has creatures you want to stay map specific like Rock Drakes, fine take them out but maybe a better option would be to take them out on official and for unofficial make a setting that we can turn on that adds those missing creatures/nests. Make it so anyone playing that map has to have all the DLC's. I can't play scorched if I don't have it surely there is a way to do that with another map.

I'm sure I will come up with more.

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I played Ark when it first came out. I had a small tribe, I  was wiped  by the alphas before I really had a chance to get started in the game despite what I though where  good defences . I tried a few more times ,  in tribes and in my own tribes., always the same thing, not a chance. Recently I noticed server for small tribes, so after a good few years not playing Ark, and in lock down I thought I would give the game another go. I had a small tribes of three players it took a good week to build a full metal base with a few x-plants and 20 + turrets with 200+ ammo in each one. We had players online from 9.00 am to 5 am ,despite this  Our base was destroyed, I looked in the tribe  log and our defences killed nothing? Not to be discouraged we gave it another go. This time we upped our turrets to 40+ all set to different settings. I was up all day and most of the night, we had a few low level dino's, as  everything was looted in the first raid. Got up this morning, all gone 48 hours solid work gone in 20 minutes. not a single kill listed in the tribe log. except  the last entry, your team mate was killed by Nightrider a level 450 managarmr. one guy? cross server raiding an a dino that  can't get on the crystal isles destroyed hours of work in ten minutes. What is the point in making defences if they do nothing?  So as for ARk 2, I don't give a poope. I would recommend just to avoid it, it's a total waste of time. Trust me whatever you do it will not last. 

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1. Bigger maps with changing weather, should be a chance to have snow and heat in most middle zones and only the really extreme areas should always have it.

2. Better building system, dynamic sizes on foundations, walls etc with changeable costs in materials. It's scary that even after the home.. patch we still use s+ because it's so much better.

3. More fleshed out building items for each tier. For example right now we have wooden stools and tables, and that's it. The simplest of stuff. So even when one gets to metal or tek we can't maker nicer newer items that matches. Also more advanced tiers of wood and stone. Like actual bricks and real wooden planks n so on and not the simple log cabin look we have today.

4. Better focus on PVE, something to do besides the raid bosses for end game. Has been a few horde / wave based mods that makes wild dinos attack ones base. You did a half assed attempt with the drops in extinction. Expand and improve upon it. Give us a use for turrets in PVE besides to kill the thieving birds.
Also all dinos should have a PVE use, Astrocetus comes to mind here with it's obvious pvp based saddle and abilities.


And of course keep the ability to run private servers with custom settings and mods, remove this and the game will be dead before launch.


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Ark 2, hopes & wishes


I'd like to see AI tribes in single player, for the players who can't run their lives around the game. Perhaps give tribes different strengths and weaknesses. (They might have special access to caves or Dino's or maybe farming or powerful weapons)

Become able to make allies and enemies out of tribes through trade/favours etc.

Become able to recruit a few other humans AI members to help you/make your own tribe. Set them to work buff your Dino's watch your back, help you farm.


I think it would be cool, more realistic if, when certain, bigger animals attack that, occasionally, you get knocked down to the floor. It's only a small thing but it just feels wrong to me that you can be getting beaten up by a massive creature and never lose your balance! Think about it lol


Biggest thing!

I'd like to see dinosaurs through all ages!


Many examples of this would make the world soooo much more realistic.

For instance, can you imagine exploring the tundra and seeing a proper herd of mammoths. I'm talking about ten or fifteen animals of all ages/levels with the younger lower level ones being smaller in size all the way down to fresh baby's!! Better steer clear.. momma's not going to like you getting to close! Not to mention the father being in close proximity! 

That family buff is going to sting and would make the group a match for any praying carnivores. This would be simply awesome to behold against Arks beautiful countryside backdrop.

I'm talking about a true representation of family groups for fantastic immersion and a leveling for animals which is dependent on their maturity.

Of course this would make capturing and taming more of a challenge and it should be. These animals should be a real force to be reckoned with until the player or players have the necessary strategy & equipment to tackle them.

That's not to say there couldn't be smaller, easier to deal with groups.. and of course younger, lower level animals would be easier to tame.

My point is about feeling that you are in the wilderness. It's about capturing the sheer awe that nature inspires and keeping the thrill of survival at the leading edge of the game for as long as possible.

It just bugs me that all Dino's of a specific type are the same size.. 

I'd love to see the same representative behaviour in all the Dino's with some being solitary and others raising offspring, some courting, some fighting for territories i.e T-rex, fighting each other for dominance for example!

I'd love to see juvenile megalodons, no bigger than a human swimming around.

I'd like to see lone adolescent T-rex potentially working together to hunt the biggest brontos.

Wolf packs, stalking the large herds of megafauna grazing on the plains!! 

I really love this game conceptually and all that was achieved with the first game!! 

I would love to see it bloom into all it can be.

I hope these ideas will join other people's and together with the developers we can help this game to just become totally amazing!!! Thanks. 



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  1. Separate rules for PvE/PvP
  2. Dinoes don't clip walls, but fully follow actual physical size, all games can do that, Ark is the first game with everything clipping thru everything. Look at racing games they can even check body parts if the tail light is the one having collision then it will break or if the front is crashed then it will break the lights and also hood if the impact is too great. Or if the sides are crashed by other car then the door will fall oll. Why can't they use something like that for dinoes' head/body? 
  3. Better land claim system. There are a lot of similar games now and they have their own method for land claim. But Ark doesnt seem to have any. Only utilize distance.
  4. Easier moving server to server/map to map and not restricted by tech/obelisk. It should be allowed for everyone not just easier for endgame ppl with tek. ATLAS makes server to server moving seamless.
  5. Faster pacing of the game, look at how 2x is changed as default now, it doesn't take a genius to see that the old taming time is ridiculously time wasting, I wonder what took them so long to see that. Even taming is still kinda time wasting now, they should add item for decreasing food so we can tame faster once we prepare the food. Or more active method than just waiting for its hunger/food to go down.
  6. Use custom/proprietary game engine. I bet the limited features Ark has now is somehow affected by its game engine.
  7. LESS LAG AND EASIER SERVER CONNECTION, as of now connecting to a server is like a game of its own with RNG because sometimes I can join as soon as I click join but some other times it's connection time out and I can see the pattern in how the game behaves when it allows me to join or fail to join. The game seems to have predicted very early when it will allow me to join or not, but I still have to wait before I can make another attempt or it will return an error everytime. WHY ?
  8. Gameplay>gfx, look at Valheim with only 1gb size. If Ark 2 arrives I bet Ark 1 will totally die because I dont think  most ppl could afford having 2 250gb size game in SSD for a long time period. Ark stays in my SSD for years already. Once Ark 2 arrives I will replace Ark 1.
  9. Instead of fixing/updating the game/map thru new map, I hope they make it more universal and even make older maps catches up with the newer maps. Look at old dinoes they have great fall damage, but new dinoes especially in the Aberration era they can take more fall dmg. Old map metal is concentrated in middle instead of all over the place like newer maps. TLC is a good thing but they only do it when they get more money thru expansion. I hope they're more commited into developing the overall elements of the game and make changes on when necessary basis not only when its a payday.
  10. A BETTER SINGLE PLAYER MODE. or even have campaign for it even if it's a DLC.
  11. INTEGRATED ARK SMART BREEDING, I really can't understand why we have to use external 3rd party app for that, why they don't add it in tribe window or somewhere to keep track of our dinoes stats and have to use 3rd party apps for that. it's actually an interesting breeding system to produce stronger dinoes but they make it very tedious I have to alt tab often, type my dino stats ingame to outside app etc just to see whether it is a good dino or not. 
  12. Integrated DODODEX so we know how many of everything we need to tame something.
  13. Please deal with DISCONNECTOSAURUS and make them extinct, everything in the game needs preparation, but there is still one x factor that will fk you sideways, which is connection problem, disconnection is too punishing sometimes results in dinoes death or losing important gears or stressfull corpse run. Flyers should stay airborne and our chars should stay mounted but even that is kinda hard for them to accept.
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