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fanfiction Meeting Alpha Rockwell

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It dark grim day like no other,
When a Tribe Naked and Afraid entered the cave.
Nameless can be heard in the distance taking cover,
For every tribe member had a glowpet shining bright as a rave.
They made their decent with riot gear and flak,
Shotguns, Drakes, Megs and a Stego ready for attack.
The tribute is in ready to start,
We teleport through with every one safe and sound.
With a loud roar all had fear in their heart,
Emerged from the gas with tentacles all around.
They dash out the gate full tribe on alert,

one by one tenticals drop to the dirt.

Tribe working together and all doing their job,

When out of know where they were jumped by a mob.

Tentacles slammed knocking off riders and killing glow pets,

Every one screaming would have thought they had tourettes.

All dinos following the last tribesmans as he yells'

"We put up a good fight, until we meet again, Alpha Rockwell."

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