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Drowning removed reaper baby :(

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On 12/23/2020 at 5:37 PM, Recoil said:

Not really a problem, as it is a function. Unfortunately if you die so does the baby. Radiation also kills the baby. 

Actually it is a problem, only radiation is supposed to kill the baby. Just dying through other means is supposed to reduce the experience gained for birth to zero but you should still be pregnant.

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2 hours ago, FoolsFolly said:

Thank you for your comments, I wasn't looking for a fix but rather just an fyi for all that take reaper off map. I have dozens of times without a problem, it was just that one. And if it isn't map related but rather drowning related then it in fact could be a big problem for even the players on abba. :)

From what I've seen, you don't lose the baby when drowning on ab.  But it does reset the 12 hr gestation timer.  This reset mechanic most likely what is interacting with you drowning off map.

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