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make all metal nodes of same quality give the same amount of metal.



rich metal nodes in bog and volcano on genesis give twice the amount of metal as those in the snow biome why? same with metal nodes on skull island and those in snow mountains on centre. probably more cases of this too but i want to know why they made it this way. a rich metal node should give the same no matter where it is situated.

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4 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

Never understood why people want to dumb the game down so much.

not trying to dumb it down mate. look i do understand different biomes and levels of difficulty and all i get it. it's more that visually these places look like an excellent place to set up a base. if they looked like a different model of metal node this would not be an issue at all example like redwood trees giving much more wood than normal trees they are visually much larger bloody trees. the point of this is if they look visually the exact same why would the resources amount be different.

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