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Cloudfare related error + game crash

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The error was not resolved on day 4. I play my epic game. I reinstalled my computer, including games, any existing updates, but nothing. 12/1/2020 it became like that after the new pach. Is anyone wearing similar shoes? Are you dealing with your fix? Probably my creatures will starve to death by time they correct the error.......if they correct it (Hungarian player)


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Damn now i have to do RL stuff this sux1

Hotspot from phone seemed to work for me, still gave cloudflare message but i was able to join. Thank goodness 30 rex eggs and 15 giga babies are saved!! lol

oh wow thought you were doing well to help me understand there is an issue with cloudflare not WC's end, until you added comment that attacked and incited angry emotions....:(  

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