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New craftable coloring items.



      With all the new colors being added for dinos, I'd love to see new craftable colors for use on our hair, armors, saddles, and structures.  Maybe even make one recipe that can give random options with a combination of berries and other items, like element dust.  Rare random colors would be fun to try for. :)  Please consider it!

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It would be nice if they adjusted and added to the dyes you can make and how you make them. 

Such as; 

  • Adding a Dye Pot
    • Why? It would manage the dyes and when placed, include the recipes for the different colors so you could make exactly what you need and wouldn't have to look it up whenever you needed something. 
    • Adding material items (clothes, signs, rugs, skins, costumes, & saddles) to the pot with dyes could be a way to try and simplify the dying process. It could be set to "dye all" or "dye region #" for all items in the pot. So if you are attempting to dye multiples with the same pattern you could do so easily. 
  • Adding Industrial Dye Crafter
    • Why? It adds progression to the first, could be connected to water, and have more line items. It too would have the color recipes. 
  • Add Glowing Dyes
    • Add Angler Gel to existing dye recipes to create glowing dyes. 
    • It would give Angler Gel another use. 
  • Add Jewel Dyes
    • Add Red Crystalized Sap, Blue Crystalized Sap, and Green Fragmented Gems to existing dyes. 
    • It would give the Saps/Gem another use and could add a jewel tone/reflection to dyes. 
  • Add Color Sensor/Scanner
    • While the added colors are great, some look very similar. It would be nice to have a tool that would scan the colors of a claimed creature so you know exactly what color it is you are working with.
    • An added ability could be the ability to duplicate the color scanned. 
      • Tame an event creature or birth/hatch a color mutation
      • Scan the color regions of the creature
      • Add a note and create a blueprint for the color of your choice
      • Add the blueprint for the color to the Pot or Crafter for future crafting.

Between the different items listed I think the number of colors could skyrocket. Whether it be all items or just a few of those listed added, the number of colors could be had would be a nice change of pace and variety. 

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