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Not sure what the point is in doing this but im gonna try anyway lol

So i was thinking about this a while back and why doesnt have use more items with wheels? Sure youve got the atv but that thing is broken beyond repair anyway and it really doesnt have a pupose if it did work properly.

So heres my suggedtion for more advanced wheel items:


The multicycle is an advanced vehical that adapts to its environment or simply different modes. A ocean move where you can ride on water fast like a jetski, terrain mode which is obviously the ground which cosumes gasoline, mountaineer mode which allows you to scale mountains at sharp angles like the volcano on the island but cost twice as much gas and flight mode which consumes element. It also has a lazer beam generator for defense which also consumes element.

Stealth mining tank:

This vehical is massive and can carry alot and gather more then the mining drill or an ankylo. It can also be used as a weapon in raids and is impervious to dino attacks that are smaller then a t rex as well as an immunity to primitve firearms and turrets. It can also cloak and is powerd by charge batteries. This vehical can also be used underwater and can gather resources that fall underneath it if you allow it to.

Sports cars and race tracks:

A little unrealistic but still could be fun is racing and sure you can do that on genesis but there arent any car races which there should have been to make use of the atv. I know this wont work on all maps, aberration especially, on like the island or scorchec earth and maybe extintion we could gave people racing like this. How it works is pretty straight forward: with a max of 8 people you can build a race track how ever you want and the owner of the track can fill boxes up with prizes like rare resources or artifacts or something like that. You can chose your cars colors using dyes and your cars will have a ricochet effect which means anything that hits them during a race gets bumped like bumper cars. 



And finally my favorite,


Trains and train tracks:

Another unrealistic one but still cool but ive allwats like the idea of trains in ark. How this wirks is that there are 3 kinds of trains each with its own kind of track: basic locomotive, industrial train and tek tram. Each train will have for sections: the engine, two carts for sitting in and a storage cart.

Basic locomotive is basically a train from like old west movies and it uses charcoal as fuel (which is the closest i could think as a coal substitute) but are very slow and use very little resources.

Industrial train is a bit more advanced but uses a lot of metal and can carry more as well as faster. It is also fueled by gas and the tracks require power.

The tek tram is the most advanced and most difficult to make. This thing is pretty much a bullet train and moves five times fast then the others. But it also uses element and gas. It also has no weight limit.


Regarding the train thing:

Questions people might have:

What if my train runs into another?

A: they will have no collision for other trains. And if someone is on the track while a train is moving and havent died from the shock the most definitely will after the collision

How will people build bases if there are tracks everywhere?

A: the tracks dont count as tribe structures so other players can build around them if their not too low.

What if my train is going by a tribe with turrets?

A: while they can be raided turrets wont affect them.

Can dino destroy the tracks?

A: yes. So keep an eye on them. Players can too if they are well equipped. 


I wish i was a modder then  could bring these ideas to life but let know what you think? Let me know



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